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So you’re chasing a fast-paced and glitzy career in the world of international cheapodom? Well you’ve come to the right corner of the internets!

From Rags to Riches (Well, Readers)

TokyoCheapo is an unlikely collection of writers, editors, professional cheapos and laser cats that just so happens to be the most popular English-language site about Tokyo. We’re a mixed team of freelancers and full-timers with all kinds of backgrounds and stories.

Founded in 2012, we timed our beginnings well with the recent explosion in tourism to Japan. Our mission is to dispel the myth that Tokyo is a super expensive place. Also, our practical and friendly editorial style has won over the hearts of travelers and expats alike.

We currently serve 150 thousand readers every month, and wearing a TokyoCheapo t-shirt in Tokyo runs you the risk of being chased down by the cheapo-celebrity-hunting paparazzi (well, maybe…maybe not).

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Freelance Writers

With inbound tourism to Japan growing year on year, combined with a shortage of English speakers who really know the country, it couldn’t be a better time to start writing about Tokyo and Japan.

We’re always looking for freelance writers to pitch article ideas to us, and every now and then there’s a full or part-time opening on our editorial team. So if you’re the creative type and would like to put your mad writing skills to the greater good of cheapokind, please get in touch!

Sales People

Most advertisers still aren’t aware of the fact that Tokyo Cheapo has a much bigger audience than traditional Tokyo based media and web sites. If you’ve got an extensive network, you’re self motivated, you enjoy a flexible working style and you enjoy a challenge, then you should be working with us to take Tokyo Cheapo to the next level.

We’ll supply you with training, a client list, sales support materials and business cards. Compensation (at least initially) will be on a generous commission basis.

If you’re interested, send your resume and a cover letter/email to


If you would like to get some insight into how a fast growing internet media site is run and to pick up some practical skills, then you should intern with Tokyo Cheapo.

Interns should be based in Japan, have an excellent grasp of English, have good research skills and have their own computer.

If you’re interested in interning at Tokyo Cheapo, drop us an email introduction and let us know why you’re interested in working with us.

Some Notable Cheapo Author Stories

Here are some interesting career stories from our roster of cheapo authors.



Grace, (who’s pretty well known now so you might already know her!) was one of our first writers. She already had her own blog – Texan in Tokyo – chronicling her often comic and interesting experiences as one half of a young international couple in Tokyo. Her articles for Tokyo Cheapo are still some of our most popular. We were the first major site in Tokyo that picked up on her talent and got her writing for us. She has now run a successful crowdfunding campaign, self-published several books and currently works full-time as a freelance writer/blogger/YouTuber.



Cal, originally from the UK is a veteran Tokyoite and founder of the hilarious TokyoDesu, a website packed with tales and news of bizarreties and ridiculousness from Tokyo. As well as writing for our website, we recruited him as one of the authors of our book: A Cheapo’s Guide to Tokyo.

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