Cheapo Weekend for March 8/9: Art, Books and Horses

Carey Finn

Image byLei Gao, used under a Creative Commons licence.
Image by Lei Gao, used under a Creative Commons licence.

With two big celebrations of creativity on in the city, this weekend looks set to be a cultural one.

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Art Fair Tokyo is on at the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakuchou from Friday to Sunday. Punted as Japan’s biggest art fair, you can expect to see exhibits from around 150 of the country’s galleries. There’ll be everything from contemporary works to priceless traditional stuff. Look out for a redesigned “art” Mercedes Benz.

For book lovers, the second Tokyo International Literary Festival wraps up this weekend, with talks and special events scattered across town – including at cafes. Authors from 10 countries are participating in the festival. You can find out exactly what’s on, where, here.

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If you’re in the mood for a movie, the award-winning documentary The Horses of Fukushima is on in Shibuya from Saturday. There’ll be a talk by the director after the first screening. You can watch the trailer for the movie here.

If you want to see the stuff legends are made of, head to the Firewalking Festival at Mt Takao this Sunday. If you’re keen on something slightly more sedate, the Ikebana Competition in Yokohama is a free chance to see expert flower arrangers doing their thing.

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