This weekend in awesome cheapo events:

tori no ichi
Tori no Ichi | Photo by David Ishikawa

Tori no Ichi (Nov 5)– Held at Ootori Shrine in Asakusa since the Edo period, this colorful festival falls on rooster days (according to the Chinese calendar) and provides good luck, good health and good wealth blessings.

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This and That Cafe (Nov 6) – This is the 26th volume of TnTCafe’s art and music night. The art side will feature the fine lines and broad strokes of artist “Gerutama”, who celebrates her 10th Anniversary as a live painter this year. On the music side, a span of genres will be on offer, from the dream-pop stylings of “Tecimerico” to the ebullient Afro/Caribbean sounds of “Reggaelation Independence” and to the wonderfully eclectic duo “emulsion”—who finish the night with a mixed genre sound collage


Oedo Nihonshu Festival 2015 (Nov 7) – This is your chance to indulge in nihonshu (otherwise known as sake). It’s an outdoor pedestrian event along Kanamono Dori in Kanda. You’ll need tickets to participate in this event—1,000 yen in advance and 1,200 yen day of.

Snow Bank Pay It Forward (Nov 7-8) – Ready for some snow at Yoyogi Park? A slope made of real snow and a rail will be set up in the event square where you can snowboard. From last year’s photos, though, it seems like sledding is acceptable as well. There will also be food, music and a skateboarding ramps if you’re just not ready for snow to be in your life yet. This event is partnered with Red Cross to raise awareness about becoming a bone marrow donor, hence the “Pay It Forward” part of the name.

Loi Krathong Festival (Nov 7-8) – While there are many Thai festivals celebrated in Tokyo (and especially in Yoyogi Park), this will be the first year to do so for Loi Krathong: a basket floating celebration held on the night of the Thai lunar calendar’s 12th month’s full moon.

Tokyo Motor Show (goes until Nov 8) – The Tokyo Motor Show is where you can go to see the newest, coolest, sleekest and …cutest? cars around. The full day price might not be so cheapo (1,400 yen in advance or 1,600 yen at the door) but if you go after 16:00, the price drops to 700 yen!

Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion
Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion | Photo by David Ishikawa

Next Week: 

Cheese Festa (Nov 11-12) –It’s exactly what it sounds like: it’s a two-day cheese-tasting festival in Ebisu that coincides with World Cheese Day on Nov 11.

Happy Weekend!

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