Oeshiki Festival
Oeshiki Festival

Monday is Health and Sports Day, which consequently makes this weekend a long one. That means there’s plenty of time to have plenty of fun—and lucky for you there’s oodles of events on the docket to do just that.

Suggested Activity
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Kimono Salone‘s Kimono Fashion and Culture Event: Step into the wonderfully complex, traditional and even high-fashion world of the kimono. This event has some free and some paid events over a few days and showcases the kimono in exhibitions (photography, kimono-dyeing), stage shows (fashion shows, talks with famous designers), workshops, and design competitions.

Narita Hanabi Taikai Fireworks: Beloved for its inconveniently placed airport, Narita also has an annual claim to fame—a tremendous fireworks display showing off it’s award-winning sky designs. The show starts at 7 pm, so arrive early to get your hands (well, really your tush) on a good spot for viewing.

Ikebukuro Fukuro Festival, Part 2: The second and final installment of the Fukuro Fest brings with it parades, the jostling of portable shrines, taiko drum shows and various dance performances. Note that all the action will be taking place on the west side of Ikebukuro Station.

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony: This event is a chance for both foreigners and natives to enjoy a piece of Japan’s culture with ceremonies in both English and Japanese. Steeped in tradition and held in the beautiful Hamarikyu Gardens, this may be one of the most fanciful things you do in Tokyo.

Oeshiki Festival at Ikegami Honmonji Temple: This is a Buddhist festival featuring 10,000 sacred lanterns carried from Ikegami Station to the temple to commemorate the death of Nichiren—a revered Buddhist teacher who lived many centuries ago.

Toyama Park Yabusame: Check out the highly impressive horseback archery competition taking place in Toyama Park. This is a great chance for both residents and tourists alike since events showcasing this traditional martial art are held infrequently throughout the year.

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