If Warner Bros. Entertainment has its way, Toshimaen—Tokyo’s retro amusement park—will soon be the home of the newest Japan-based Harry Potter theme park. Seeing how much of a drawcard The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan has been since opening in 2014, it only makes sense that Tokyo has its own little dedication to the world’s favorite wizard boy.

Currently, Seibu, the owners of Toshimaen, are in talks with Warner Bros. Entertainment, who owns the rights to the film franchise, and it sounds like a confirmation of a deal could be locked down as early as spring. In the meantime, the company behind the Nerima Ward location, Toshimaen has announced that they’re flirting with the idea of closing down the site following around 90 years of operation. The park opened in 1926, but sources say the park will start closing down in sections as early as this year.

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While everything is still very much in the rumors and discussions period, the Yomiuri Shimbun reports have claimed that the Harry Potter theme park would most likely be based on the blueprints for Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studios in London.

Construction is estimated to start in around spring 2023.

It’s expected too that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will purchase the land of what’s left of the historic park and turn it into a space that can be used as a disaster evacuation site. We’ll be updating this post as soon as we start to hear more concrete details.

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