Tokyo Hotaru Festival

As part of the first anniversary celebrations of the opening of the Tokyo Sky Tree, there will be a recreation of the hotaru (fireflies) that populated the river before it became clogged with silt and industrial chemicals.  The approximation will be achieved by floating thousands of LED filled ping pong balls down the river.  The best viewing places on the river will be fenced off for paying customers but you might be able to get a view from the bridges that cross the river.

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2 Responses to “Tokyo Hotaru Festival”

  1. Charmander May 26, 2013

    I tried to go to this one and nobody else was there. I went to the 東白鬚公園 park at 6:45 and nothing was happening. On the it looks like it might’ve been a different location? I couldn’t quite figure out what I did wrong though.

    • It was just in Front of the Skytree, between the two big bridges.
      There were thousands of people..

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