Seeking Author for Tokyo Guide Book

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Seeking Cheapo Author for Tokyo Guide Book

We’re in the midst of writing our much anticipated first book A Cheapo’s Guide To Tokyo, but we have a tight deadline and need an extra pair or pairs of writing hands!

About You

You need to be both a capable native english writer and familiar with Tokyo, preference will be given to people who live in Tokyo now, speak some Japanese and have been here at least 4 years.

The Job

Whilst we do have a certain amount of research completed for the area guides, we’ll still need you to curate and supplement this information. And naturally you’ll be an utter cheapo, that know’s how to squeeze the most out of Tokyo on your hard earned yen.

Here are some of the sections that still need cheapo coverage:

  1. A few Tokyo area guides + listings
  2. Things to do
  3. Basic info for people just arrived
  4. Where to stay
  5. Some Itineraries

We estimate there’s up to about 20,000 words that still needs writing, though much of this will be short listings rather than prose.


We’ve got a pitiful budget (of course) 22,500 – 45,000yen depending on how much we assign for you to write. But here’s the exciting bonus thing – we’re launching the book on Kickstarter early next year and if we reach our target we’ll pay you double.

The Glory

But we know you’re not in this for the money 🙂

Tokyo Cheapo has a large audience (approx 30k readers a month), and a potentially huge blast of viewers and readers from when we launch on Kickstarter, so whilst money is tight glory and attention shall be doled out in wheel barrow loads.

You’ll be interested to hear that some of our cheapo authors so far have been poached by larger media outlets (such as the Huffington Post, the bastards) and moved on to greater heights of fame, stardom and (well maybe) renumeration.


  1. You’ll be listed as an author of the book on amazon and any other outlets (along with 4 – 5 other contributors)
  2. You’ll appear in the Kickstarter campaign (so where your best cheapo shoes)
  3. We’ll pay double if we reach our cheapo funding goal on Kickstarter, which we almost certainly will
  4. You’ll be lapping up the attention at to the launch party, cheap champagne and all etc
  5. And of course you’ll be on the roster of cheapo writers, so you can have articles published on our site and all the other perks

How to apply

Email us at with

  1. A resume, in particular detailing your Tokyo and writing experience
  2. Short writing sample or two (excerpts are okay too)
  3. Your favourite cheapo spot, activity or eatery in Tokyo

Click here to apply

N.B. it’s okay if you want to apply for our editor position as well, just make this clear in your application.

More about Tokyo Cheapo

Started in April 2012 by long time Tokyo residents Chris Kirkland and Greg Lane, Tokyo Cheapo has grown to more than 30,000 readers viewing more than 100,000 pages of content each month. The site has become the go-to site for both residents and visitors who want to experience all that Tokyo has to offer without bursting the bank.

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