Seeking CSS/HTML Designer For Short Project


Project Description

We have two HTML pages (chapters) and we need you to style them with a CSS stylesheet.

The style should be simple and flexible as it will be converted into an ebook used on a variety of devices.

For style inspiration, you can use our website as a starting point Tokyo Cheapo

The project needs to be finished by July 6th.

How To Apply

First take 15 minutes to read through all the notes below, and you can download the project files to make yourself familiar with the project.

Then please send us an email with a link to some examples of your past design work and a quote for this job. Please feel free to ask us any questions first (use the comments section below or email us).

Application deadline June 22nd.

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We just need you to deliver a CSS stylesheet.


Ideally you should have experience with responsive design, and be good at creating clear designs with simple typography. Bonus points if you’ve done book design before.


There’s two HTML chapters for you to work with:

akihabara.html – area guide + sample listings
quirky-japan.html – general content chapter

* Images for the sample chapters
* Boiler plate css file (you can use this as a starting point or discard it, either is fine)

Download Work files


a) Overall since this is going to be an ebook, the style should be, white background etc.
b) When using non system fonts, make sure to specify similar fallback system fonts in the css.
c) it’s okay to use fonts that freely permit redistribution
d) The design must be flexible for different screen sizes, but these are the most common screen sizes:
600 × 800
758 × 1024
825 × 1200
1080 x 1430
e) We don’t expect you to need edit the HTML


Please create styles for the following elements:

* Front Page or Heading h1
* Subheadings h2,h3 etc
* Normal text
* External links
* Internal reference Links to something in the guide i.e. href=”#…”
* Lists, ordered and unordered
* Tables
* And layout, spacing between elements etc

And provide styles for these special elements;

* The “Stay Here | Eat Here” section at the top of area guides. These could be colour coded, boxes (see the section at the top of the sample chapter)
* Images and Captions
* Listings at the end of the area guide chapters (see below)

Listings At The End Of Area Guides

The “akihabara” chapter is an area guide, with a few sample listings at the end. These are the elements included, and can be reordered as you see fit:

  • Name
  • Japanese Name
  • Reference
  • Address + map link
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Price
  • Opening Hours
  • How Good
  • How Cheapo
  • Text

Thanks for your most esteemed attention!

Photo by iT@C used under CC

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