Seeking a Freelance Ebook Designer

This Job Position is now closed – thanks for your interest!

Are you the designer we’re looking for?

We’re looking to reboot our popular ebook “A Cheapo’s Guide To Tokyo” with a shiny new interior design/layout. If you’re an experienced ebook designer with the skills to pay the bills, then please read on!

Job details

You’ll have a (mostly) blank canvas to work with: fonts, spacing, colors, page numbering, etc.

Fonts should be open source/free for commercial use (like Google fonts), and you’ll need to provide us with all licensing info. You’ll also need to provide a substitute system font, as many devices use system fonts and won’t support custom fonts.

The design needs to be responsive and flexible so it looks good on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

The design needs to be clean and simple—we’re not about glitz, we’re about good information.

Bonus points if you also have experience hand coding/writing CSS from scratch for kindle and epub formats.


We need you to do the following components, and for each one we have a content sample PDF for you to work with in this folder.

You can provide the designs as HTML files, PDF files, or an image format. You’ll also provide style information, ideally as CSS, on fonts, sizes, colors, etc.

1. Table of contents

The table of contents layout.

2. Chapter heading/top page

Each chapter has a first page with the title and introduction paragraph.

3. General text and images

This is the bulk of the book, plus specific components including headings, text, links, images and captions.

4.1 Map and listings section

At the end of certain chapters we have maps and listings. N.B. there’s a color code for the three listing types (Eat, Do, Sleep)—see the sample for more specific details on what data listings include.

4.2 End of area guide section

Also, just before the maps and listings we have a couple of basic ratings sections, these are the “Staying in” and “Living in” sections.


Tokyo Fall
Seasonal Guide | Photo by TokyoCheapo