Seeking Full-time Editor/Writer at Fast Train Limited

This job posting is now closed. Thanks for your interest!

Seeking full-time editor and writer at Fast Train Limited

The lasercats have a job opening for a full-time editor and writer on the Fast Train Limited editorial team. Join our crew of writers, editors and digital nomads running the world’s favorite sites about Tokyo and beyond.

Fast Train operates Tokyo Cheapo, Japan Cheapo, London Cheapo, REthink Tokyo—and more coming soon!

Job overview

Type: Full-time
Start: May 2018
Location: Tokyo area
Hours: Flexible – You decide when you work while meeting due dates
Remuneration: ¥3M–¥4M annually

Key skills

  • Writing, copyediting and research
  • Editorial planning
  • Team management
  • Well-organized
  • Communication with the public—for both article research and handling incoming messages (press releases, event invites, etc.)
  • Good with online collaborative tools (Google docs, Asana, Trello)
  • Must be comfortable with a modern part-local and part-remote working arrangement

Assets (but not required)

  • Knowledge of WordPress, Drupal or other CMS
  • Japanese language skills, particularly ability to read in Japanese for research purposes

Tasks/responsibilities include (but not limited to):

  • Assign and edit content for REthink Tokyo and Japan Cheapo
  • Write and research compelling articles for Japan Cheapo,  REthink Tokyo and Tokyo Cheapo
  • Monitor news and trends in travel and real estate related to Tokyo/Japan
  • Oversee events section for all sites (may include creating event round-up posts)
  • Work with and oversee the writers contributing to your editorial sections
  • Respond to emails for your editorial sections
  • Prepare for and participate in weekly/monthly content calls
  • Publish, embed and schedule release of Youtube videos
  • Add tours and tickets to relevant articles


We offer a very flexible working arrangement—you can work from home/the office/Thailand. And you can set your own “office hours” too!

In addition, there are opportunities throughout the year for sponsored trips and activities around Tokyo and Japan. In the past year, our writers were sent on tourism trips—where travel, accommodation and food costs were all covered—to places like Okinawa, Yamaguchi and Hiroshima. On these trips, writers have enjoyed activities like local food and culture tours, hiking, brewery tours, cave explorations, kayaking and more!

Hiring process

Once we’ve shortlisted candidates, we’ll give you 2–3 small paid tasks to assess writing, research and editing. If we like your work, we’ll invite you for an interview by Skype or in person at our office in Akasaka. We know that applying is a lot of work, so if you’d like, we’re happy to provide detailed feedback.

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