Seeking Mobile Phone Reviewer

This job offer is now closed.

Seeking Phone Reviewer for Tokyo Cheapo

Are you into gadgets? Would you like to get your mitts on handsets not readily available in Japan? We’re looking for someone to review low to mid range Android and Windows phone handsets. We’re after honest opinions, this isn’t writing advertising copy.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Play with handsets
– Write review of one handset every two weeks

How do I Apply?
Email an intro and/or resume and a review of your current phone to Keep in mind that we’re not interested in how many words you know but how well you communicate information. Also note that this position is only open to people living in Japan but you don’t necessarily have to be in Tokyo.

Is this a paid gig?
Unfortunately not. Tokyo Cheapo is ‘bootstrapped’, so unfortunately we don’t have a benevolent benefactor or generous investor dropping truck loads of cash on us. If there is a real benefit to us, we’ll consider compensating our reviewer in the medium to long term.

More about Tokyo Cheapo
Started in April 2012 by long time Tokyo residents Chris Kirkland and Greg Lane, Tokyo Cheapo has grown to more than 40,000 readers viewing more than 160,000 pages of content each month. The site has become the go-to site for both residents and visitors who want to experience all that Tokyo has to offer without bursting the bank.

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