Seeking a Social Media & Community Manager

This Job Position is now closed – Thanks for your interest!


Are you the internet person our laser cats are looking for?

The Tokyo Cheapo laser cats have a job opening for a part-time social media & community manager. Join our crew of riff raff, laser cats and cheapos running the world’s favorite site about Tokyo.

We have a huge audience (200,000 monthly readers) and lively following on social media, so it’s a great chance to prove your social media chops to the masses.

Job details

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Basic Details

Type: Part-time, 8-10 hours/week
Location: Flexible (but able to meet in Tokyo a few times a month)
Hours: Flexible
Remuneration: 50,000 yen/month

Job Tasks

Main/regular activities:

  • Schedule and post current articles, events and images from Tokyo/Japan Cheapo onto our social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • General banter and interaction on our social media accounts
  • Content marketing, e.g. share Tokyo/Japan Cheapo relevent and timely content on other networks (e.g. our coworking in Tokyo article was posted to hacker news and was subsequently voted almost to the top)
  • Research and input events into our event listings
  • Organise our monthly reader meet-up (this is pretty easy, basically just choosing the date and posting the details)
  • Check and send the monthly newsletter

Other sporadic activities:

  • Share other relevant content on our social media channels (retweets, articles, etc. from other sources)
  • Take opportune “out and about in Tokyo” photos (e.g. 100yen beer, Free pizza, strange kitten poster) and post on our social media accounts
  • Respond to comments and messages on social media our the website
  • And anything else you can bring to the table to grow our audience and impress our laser cats
  • Look out for viral activity – e.g. is there a new dog in a hat Japanese commercial on youtube we should write a post about?


What We’re Looking For

Need you to:

  • Be good at funnies
  • Be able to concoct catchy tweets/posts, but without descending to Huffpost depths, well unless you could get away with claiming it was ironic humour
  • Give us some good examples in the job application
  • Understand what each of the main social networks is good for
  • Be organised and independent

Bonus points for

  • Giphy talents
  • Photoshopping animals (with laser eyes) into images
This Job Position is now closed – Thanks for your interest!