Tiny Cardboard Robot – Your Guide to Japan’s Most Tranquil Spots

This (completely out-of-character) adorable post comes from those gruntsmen our friends at Tokyo Desu.

As shocking as this may sound, Japan isn’t all bright neon lights, girls in maid outfits, gyaru and Bladerunner-esque back alleys. There’s also, shockingly, a lot of history in this very old country that tends to get overlooked on whirlwind travel tours through Akihabara and Kabukicho or wherever. In fact, venture past all the tentacle porn and steamy, neon-soaked ramen shops and whatnot, and you’ll find tranquil, natural settings and temples teaming with history.

And here to be your guide is… a tiny robot made out of Amazon delivery boxes, why not.

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REThink Tokyo

This is actually Danbo, a popular figure and character similar to a Hello Kitty primarily for adult males—there are versions of the figure that are armed to the teeth with bazookas and machine guns, after all. But, the standard Danbo figure is the cute little guy pictured in these breathtaking locales below.

This photo collection is the work of 2chan members—apparently all of whom secretly own one of these adorable figurines—who took it upon themselves to photograph Danbo in various tranquil settings of Japan. There’s just something about the little guy that seems to compel people to take photos of their amazing surroundings when they otherwise wouldn’t have:






danbo6-1024x683 (1)

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(Photos via 2chan)



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