Top 10 Facebook Posts That Will Get You Blocked in Japan

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How to not get blocked on Facebook
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Ever stopped to consider why the number of likes on your hourly selfies are dwindling? Why not take a break from typing your 500-word status rant and read at the top ten reasons Japanese people block their ‘friends’ on Facebook. Beginning with number 10…

10. Statuses about working long hours

Overtime is really common in Japan, so much so that in Tokyo people voted against 24-hour transport as it would leave them without a ‘last train’ to use as an excuse to finally leave. Unfortunately statuses about how late people are working are just as common too. Cue the insincere “ganbatte!” comments.

9. Showing off about committing minor crimes or indiscretions


These kind of posts have resulted in some Japanese people dubbing Twitter ‘Idiot Finder’, and Facebook is just as full of posts of people living life on the edge. Boasting about these minor misdeeds is the 9th most likely thing to get you blocked by friends in Japan.

8. Posting photos of food without naming the restaurant

People don’t want to see pictures of the food friends are eating. Except when they do. And when they do, you’d damn well better tell them where they can eat it, you tease.

7. Bitching about people they don’t know

Public internet forums are not the place to air your grievances with people, especially if you don’t even know them. The nice thing about blocking these people is you don’t have to read about it when they post a status bitching about it.

6. Poems

They post poems all the time,

Occasionally they don’t even rhyme,

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Hong Kong Cheapo

Shut up.

5. Invitations to play games


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Send us one more Farmville invite and we’re going to bury you with those virtual f***ing turnips.

4. Posts about successful dates

Some people can be pretty insensitive, considering that others on their friends list might be so lonely they’re stealing Valentine’s chocolates to console themselves with. We don’t want to read about your amazing date as we’re weeping into our anime body pillows.

We do want to see more loving gifts like this, though
We do want to see more loving gifts like this, though | Photo by Reddit

3. Sharing every viral video and joke

Facebook is slowly turning into a time-delayed Reddit (or, in Japan’s case, 2chan) where you can’t choose your subscriptions and posts aren’t subject to quality control. We’ll use this as an excuse to share the goat’s screaming like humans video though, it’s been two years and we’re still in stitches each time a friend discovers and reposts it.

2. Political opinions

We actually disagree with this one as a general principle. If you feel strongly that something needs to be addressed, put it out there in a respectful manner. We’d guess this habit’s high ranking is down to people not following the last part of that advice, perhaps added to the fact that people in general are less politically-active in Japan.

1. Shocking images

The most blockable offence you can commit in the eyes of your Japanese Facebook friends is sharing shocking or disgusting images. Not that video of your dog humping a friend’s face as he flails around in an attempt to escape, that stuff’s gold and we know it – pictures depicting violence and gore are definitely less crowd-pleasing though.

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One Response to “Top 10 Facebook Posts That Will Get You Blocked in Japan”

  1. I agree with all of this, especially the politics. I want to be able to be friends with someone without having to know their political opinions, even if I agree with them. I think it’s sad that that’s lost now in a lot of places. It’s the same with the dating thing – it’s not just because they’re jealous. It’s about keeping some parts of your life private. I’m glad that notion is still alive somewhere.

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