GAC Rental Wifi

Global Advanced Communications offers a range network and communications products—including rental pocket wifi, smartphones and SIM cards—to keep you connected while traveling around Japan.

Why rent a pocket wifi?

Currently, free public wifi is hard to come by in Japan. It can also be difficult connecting at locations that do provide it (i.e. some popular coffee chains make you register before letting you connect, for which you need the internet…). With pocket wifi, you can stay connected—with whatever mobile device your heart desires—as you travel about. And no need to worry about expensive data plans, you can choose from fixed daily rates.


  • Easy pickup at airport or hotel
  • Return from anywhere in Japan by mail
  • Fixed rates: No additional charges for network usage
  • Easy to use, no set up required
  • Full-time English customer support
  • Variety of plans: Choose the right plan for your travels

Rates start at ¥300/day