GTN Mobile

GTN Mobile is a company that specializes in providing mobile phone service to foreign residents in Japan. In fact, it was ranked the #1 mobile company chosen by foreigners.

GTN Mobile

Why get yourself stuck in a complicated, expensive contract with Softbank, Docomo or AU when you can get a SIM with the same quality of data and voice for half the price or less? What’s more, GTN Mobile is the only MVNO that provides full English support (and in 5 other languages too) as well as flexible payment options.

GTN Mobile

Best of all there is no two-year contract like the big carriers. And paying couldn’t be easier: you can set up autopay through a credit card or your bank. But if you’ve just arrived to Japan with none of the above, you can make payments at your local convenience store!

GTN Mobile just renewed their plans to cheaper and more convenient ones. They are also currently offering a special promotion: Discounts for 3 months for the long-term Premium Next plans.

Premium Next Plan (long-term data + voice SIM):

  • ¥2,280 for 3GB
  • ¥2,580 for 5GB
  • ¥2,980 for 7GB
  • ¥3,480 for 10GB
  • ¥4,180 for 14GB
  • ¥5,480 for 21GB

You’ll also get free domestic calls that are under 10 minutes.

Premium Next Plan (long-term data SIM):

  • ¥980 for 3GB
  • ¥1,480 for 5GB
  • ¥1,980 for 7GB
  • ¥2,480 for 10GB

Prices exclude: tax, SMS fee of ¥150 and universal service fee of ¥3.

Last but not least, GTN Mobile also offers good deals for mobile wifi and prepaid/short-term plans.