Unlimited Pocket Wi-Fi – Up to 30 days from 2,400 yen

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Sushi Wi-Fi

Sushi Wi-Fi offers fast, cheap, and unlimited pocket Wi-Fi to keep you connected to the online world—whenever and wherever in Japan.

Photo by Sushi Wifi

No data caps and no speed restrictions mean that you can watch as many videos, play as many games, listen to as much music, and download as many files as you want on our fastest networks.

There are pick-up counters in Shibuya and Akihabara, and at Narita Airpot. Alternatively, you can have your pocket wifi conveniently shipped to your hotel or residence, a nearby post office, or select airport counters across Japan. Returning your pocket wifi is easy too—simply put it in the provided envelope and drop it into any mailbox in Japan.