*Commune 246 has reopened as Commune 2nd – same place, same concept, same website!*

Everything 2015 Tokyo hip condensed into a 400m2 “pop-up” Shoreditch-esque semi-outdoor collection of food + drink kiosks: Next to Omotesando, complete with “Brooklyn fries”, organic vegan homemade lemonade and craft beer, plus the occasional screening of a fixie (fixed gear bicycle) movie on the rooftop.

But despite its unprecedented hip and cool, Commune 2nd comes with a friendly down-to-earth atmosphere, good food and good times – the perfect place for an evening meet up with friends. Cheapo friendly too, a variety delicious grub (Vegan, fish, Indian, Hawaiian to name but a few) mostly priced under 1000yen and reasonably priced drinks.

commune246 Panorama

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