Shinatatsu Shinagawa Ramen Street

Review: Shinagawa Shinatatsu Ramen Street: From Black Miso to Spicy Mongolian
Address: 108-0074 The Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-26-20 [map]
Phone: 03-5475-7020 03-5475-7020
Access: 0 m from Shinagawa Station Yamanote Line (JY25)Tokaido Line (JT1)Yokosuka Line (JO3)Keihin-Tōhoku Line (JK27)Jōban Line (JJ1)Keikyū Main Line (KK1)
0.7 km from Kita-shinagawa Station Keikyū Main Line (KK2)
Hours: 10am - 11pm (some variation)

Step down into Shinagawa’s very own ramen street, with seven experts offering bowls of pure deliciousness, ranging from black miso to spicy Mongolian: the perfect spot for ramen lovers on their travels. Take the Takanawa Exit of Shinagawa Station and turn left, and within 200m it will be down the lower-set alley with plenty of signs making it hard to miss

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