On Thursday last week we quietly launched a new part of the site – the Cheapo Market.

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The idea behind the market is to offer a collection of useful, good-value products for both cheapos living in Tokyo and those who are visiting. In keeping with our cheapo philosophy, we’re currently featuring a small selection of SIM-free mobile phones (so you can avoid those crazy contracts) and some self-study flash cards for learning Japanese (the single best way to avoid flushing large amounts of Yen down the toilet).

If you have suggestions for products we should feature, and we can work something out with the merchant, we’ll happily add them to the market. Likewise, if you think something shouldn’t be there or it’s not good value, let us know and we’ll either take it out or talk to the merchant about getting a better deal.

Needless to mention, anything you purchase by going through the Cheapo Market will help support our humble enterprise and bring you more and better cheapo tips!

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