What is Tokyo Cheapo?

Tokyo Cheapo is a super-local guide to the best value living and traveling in Tokyo. It is compiled with careful editorial control to ensure that we provide the insights and experiences that locals and visitors alike are looking for. Writers are carefully selected and content vetted so that readers have come to trust us. They expect insights and information that they won’t get elsewhere.

We have over 180,000 unique visitors and 550,000 page views every month (as of November 2015), and our articles have been shared amongst many of authorities on Tokyo and Japan including the Japan National Tourism Organisation.

Why should my business advertise on Tokyo Cheapo?

Simply, Tokyo Cheapo readers are more likely to buy.

Even if you don’t think of your product or service as ‘cheap’, if you think your product offers better value than your competition, then our readers are looking for you. The thing that separates Tokyo Cheapo from other sites is that our readers are in a buying frame of mind. You don’t look for things like cheap pizza or low cost rental cars unless you are in or will soon be in the market for that product or service. Our readers are constantly looking for better ways to do things. If we tell them about it, they’ll try it. So if you have a new product, this is the perfect audience.

What do our readers say?

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Who are our readers?

Tokyo Cheapo is read by both expats living in Tokyo and short and medium term tourists. Roughly 50% of our audience are English speakers living in the Tokyo area, and the remainder is mostly made up of overseas english speakers planning a trip to Tokyo and Japan.

Location of Tokyo Cheapo Readers
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