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Internet in Tokyo

Getting online isn’t always as easy as you might think in a super-tech country like Japan, but it’s getting better. With the run-up to the Olympics, the government and the tourism industry are scrambling to make the country more connected and tourist-friendly. And getting cheap – and even free – internet access is totally possible if you know where to look.

For getting online in Japan, you can now order mobile routers and data sim cards online before you arrive, plus you can also buy “tourist” data sims at some electronic stores like BIC Camera. Cafés with wi-fi, still aren’t quite as ubiquitous as you may be used to in other countries, but the situation is improving. Also many convenience stores and train lines have complimentary free wifi, usually with some sort of (not too difficult) registration process required.

We also cover topics like VPNs, and we even explain how to sleep surrounded by the sweet sweet embrace of internet in the glow of a dozen computer screens at a manga café. And we’ve got tips and interviews for entrepreneurs, too.

Finally, popular applications for Tokyoites include Line and Vine – but those will probably be out of date by the time we hit “publish.”

Image Credit Michael Himbeault used under CC license

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