• autumn leaves


    Meaning '6 Poem Garden', Rikugien is often considered Tokyo's most beautiful landscaped garden. Built by the 5th Tokugawa Shogun Tsunayoshi in […]

  • happoen garden

    Happoen Garden

    Happoen Garden features all of the traditional elements of a Japanese garden—like koi-filled ponds and a traditional tea house. It is renowned […]

  • Sankei-en Garden

    A traditional Japanese-style garden, Sankeien, opened in 1906, is a peaceful haven inside the bustling city of Yokohama. Designed by silk-trader […]

  • sanrio puroland

    Sanrio Puroland

    Sanrio Puroland theme park is the most like Disneyland in terms of shows and costumes—but geared for the Hello Kitty fanatic. It's also not […]