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Immersive Fort Tokyo is an indoor theme park in Odaiba, built in the halls of the old Venus Fort shopping mall. It’s designed to be a series of 12 immersive experiences, where you lose yourself in the world of stories.

What to expect

Come to the cabaret, and watch the night melt away. | Photo by Immersive Fort Tokyo

For the bulk of the attractions at Immersive Fort, you won’t have to pay past your entry pass. Included in the standard lineup are the following highlights:

  • Alice in Borderland Immersive Death Game: Play a game of life and death as you race to remove the collar around your neck. Will you escape in time? This experience takes about 15 minutes.
  • Identity V Immersive Chase: Team up or go it alone to survive in a tense chase, based on the popular online game. It takes around 12 minutes to complete the experience.
  • Jack the Ripper: This horrifying maze will have you jumping at shadows, as London’s most famous killer stalks you. This experience takes about 10 minutes.
  • Immersive Tales: The age-old tale of Hansel and Gretel comes to life — but do you want to experience the witch’s side, too? The Immersive Fort app provides English translations for both sides of the story. It takes about 15 minutes per story, so budget 30 minutes to explore both perspectives. Note: Things get pretty dark, so we wouldn’t recommend this for young children.
  • The Cabaret: Take a seat and grab something to eat under the lights, as the cabaret show begins. Enjoy lively dancing and music, and the chance to score free champagne. Each cabaret performance lasts for around 20 minutes. This was our favorite experience at Immersive Fort. Bonus: You can can-can, too.

Keep an eye out for other interactive performances throughout the day at Immersive Fort — notably the gun-blazing Spy Action, which includes actual abseiling (though sadly no English).

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Premium attractions

Immersive Fort Tokyo also has three attractions with unique themes. For these premium experiences, you’ll need to pay an extra fee on top of your entry ticket.

Tales of Edo Oiran

The night is young, and the Oiran arrive … | Photo by Immersive Fort Tokyo

Tales of Edo Oiran gives you a chance to experience the drama in the lives of the Edo period’s oiran, or courtesans. You step into the midst of a murder mystery, which takes you from the alleys of the pleasure district to hidden tunnels, in pursuit of the killer.

We found this experience very intense in the moment; the story will definitely draw you in with its twists. It’s also an 18+ attraction, with violence, implications of sex, and profanity. However, there is no English support, making it all rather hard to follow if you don’t speak Japanese.

The show generally runs for around 70 minutes, with several changes of setting. Overall, it’s a great perfomance with engaging actors, but not very accesible for the average tourist. It costs ¥9,000, or ¥14,800 when bundled with an entry pass. It’s definitely worth it if you can follow along. If you can’t, it may not be worth the price tag.

Tokyo Revengers Immersive Escape

Get together with the crew again. | Photo by Ken Wakui / Kodansha / Anime "Tokyo Revengers" Production Committee

One for the Tokyo Revengers fans, this group experience sees you battling your way out of some sticky situations. Fight off rival gangs and escape from burning buildings, all alongside the Tokyo Meiji crew. You and your friends will need to use your brains and brawn together to make it out.

The Tokyo Revengers Immersive Escape is best done with friends, as you’ll be put into groups when it starts, for the whole 105-minute show. The performance is entirely in Japanese, so visitors who don’t speak it may be a little lost. Like the Edo oiran, this is a paid experience, and costs ¥3,500, or ¥9,800 combined with an entry pass.

The Sherlock: Baker Street Murder Mystery

Are you up to the task? | Photo by Immersive Fort Tokyo

The streets of Victorian England are a dangerous place, and the legendary detective is on the prowl. The Sherlock Holmes murder mystery is a chance to put yourself in the midst of the chase.

The last of the three premium experiences, The Sherlock will set you back ¥3,500 by itself, or ¥14,800 with an entry pass. It will also be in Japanese with limited English support, and runs for around 90 minutes.

Other facilities


There are four restaurants in the Immersive Fort Tokyo complex, including the Cabaret. The other three are:

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  • Tokyo Revengers Cafe Flower: A Tokyo Revengers themed cafe selling snacks, sweets, and cream sodas inspired by the characters.
  • Dolce Vita: An Italian-themed dessert bar serving up parfaits, churros, and mocktails.
  • Casa di Peroni: A chic restaurant styled after an Italian trattoria, serving pasta, beignets, and traditional desserts.


There are also two shops for souvenirs, Plaza Mart and Galleria Della Vita. They both offer different products from the Edo oiran experience, Identity V, and other shows in Immersive Fort.

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