Regular Cheapos

  • Chris Kirkland

    Chris Kirkland

    So you want to get the most out of Tokyo on a budget? Well you are in safe hands. Being of British roots Chris has a …
  • Greg Lane

    Greg Lane

    Greg has been been searching for a cheaper way of doing things in and around Tokyo for more than 12 years. Greg's …
  • Selena Hoy

    Selena Hoy

    Curious enthusiast. I mend ¥100 socks but love to eat out. It's rare that I spend more than ¥300 on a …
  • Grigoris Miliaresis

    Grigoris Miliaresis

    Having fallen in love with Asakusa even before actually seeing it, Grigoris Miliaresis has been roaming its alleys with …
  • Adriana Paradiso

    Adriana Paradiso
  • Bjorn


    Being an international student who loves travelling and good cuisine is quite challenging in Japan with so much …
  • Lily Crossley-Baxter

    Lily Crossley-Baxter

    A Brit in Tokyo with a somewhat-misguided sense of adventure, Lily finds shortcuts to fund adventures.
  • Emily Ting

    Emily Ting

    Emily is a hafu (someone who is ethnically half-Japanese) born and raised in the United States. She has been studying …
  • Daniel Rosen

    Daniel Rosen

    Daniel Harris Rosen is a bilingual creative director based in Tokyo with over 25 years of experience in the Japanese …
  • voyagin


    Voyagin specializes in travel around Asia, with a flair for authentic, personal and meaningful experiences. …
  • Klook


    Klook helps you discover tours and activities all over Japan (and other countries around the world)—all while …


    JAPANiCAN is Japan’s largest travel booking website, offering a wide variety of hotels, tours and travel packages …
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    Kaori Kitagawa

  • Kuv


    From Scotland, living in Tokyo since July 2014. Marketing person most of the time. Stationery addict at …
  • Victor Gonzalez

    Victor Gonzalez

    Originally from the sunny shores of Southern California, Victor moved to Japan in 2012 to explore new opportunities. …
  • Kylie Van Zyl

    Kylie Van Zyl

    Having nearly completed a PhD in history before realising she was too easily distracted for the academic life, Kylie …
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    Get Your Guide

    Get Your Guide, one of the worlds biggest tour guide market places helps you discover tours and activities all over …
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    Emily Dickson

    Emily has called Hong Kong 'home' for almost 10 years, enjoying a strangely rural life in the lush villages …
  • Mareike Dornhege

    Mareike Dornhege

    Mareike became a cheapo out of sheer necessity as a PhD candidate in marine ecology. She saves every yen to finance …
  • Lucy Dayman

    Lucy Dayman

    Originally from Melbourne Australia, a quarter life crisis saw Lucy leave her job as a music journalist to live in …
  • Felix Wilson

    Felix Wilson

    Raised in middle-of-nowhere England, Felix comes from a long line of proud cheapskates. While he’s learned that …
  • Avatar

    Hiufu Wong

    A few years ago, Hiufu Wong left her full-time writing/editing job in Hong Kong to sell Cantonese egg waffles at a …
  • Gaijin Gaming Brothers

    Gaijin Gaming Brothers

  • pagespeedvlad


  • Gina Anderson

    Gina Anderson

    Gina is a freelance writer and yoga teacher. She loves exploring new places and learning about different cultures. …
  • Taryn Siegel

    Taryn Siegel

  • Amanda Parks

    Amanda Parks

    Growing up in the sleepy city of Perth in Australia, Amanda never imagined she’d end up as a freelancer in Tokyo. …

Guest Cheapos

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    Dela Bai

    Dela has a food addiction and not enough money to support it. As a result, she is always on the lookout for cheap …
  • Mine Serizawa

    Mine Serizawa

    Mine takes pride in the fact that at any given time 75% of the clothing she's wearing has been lifted from campus …
  • Avatar

    Nikki Kittenmouth

    Nikki Kittenmouth is a figment of her own imagination, and forages through urban jungles and occasionally pops her head …
  • Aaron Baggett

    Aaron Baggett

    Aaron is originally from the United States. He speaks almost entirely in movie quotes.
  • Avatar

    Phoebe Stephens

    Phoebe has yet to decide where her stinginess lies in the nature versus nurture debate. Growing up with a father who …
  • Avatar

    Jessica Robins-Eads

    An artist and avid nerd-girl that hails from the den of sin called Las Vegas, now unleashing her mayhem upon the …
  • Melissa Uchiyama

    Melissa Uchiyama

    I'm a Florida sunshine girl planted in Tokyo. This means I love cool grapefruit, mojitos, gorgeous skies, …
  • Avatar

    Mark Buckton

    Lifer in Tokyo, writer covering sumo for Japan Times, Japanese culture and sport for other magazines, and the energy …
  • Grace Buchele Mineta

    Grace Buchele Mineta

    Grace is a Texan girl, married to a Japanese salaryman, living in Tokyo. She is a master of everything cheap and spends …
  • Avatar

    John Matthews

    Japan-based starving journalist, lover of the inexpensive out of not only necessity but also philosophical alignment. …
  • Avatar

    Richard James

    Richard qualified as a Cheapo the moment he was born. In Scotland. Subsisting on a diet of microwave curry pouches and …
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  • Avatar

    Andres Zuleta

    Andres may not be the cheapest cheapo in Cheapo-land, but he knows a great value when he sees it. A lover of teishoku …
  • Avatar

    John Bardos

    Long-term Japan Expat turned digital nomad travelling the world trying to work on interesting non-profit projects. Dare …
  • Avatar


    Being a student fresh out of high school, developing the skill of thriftiness is a means of survival! Mackenzie earned …
  • Avatar

    Yana K

    Taught to haggle by her granny at the markets of the former USSR, Yana wears hand me downs from Frances Maeda, spends …
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    Geographer (in theory anyways), world traveller and notorious international cheapo.
  • Avatar

    Erin Emocling

    Cat cafés, gacha-gachas, live houses, ramen shops, and secondhand stores: these are a few of Erin's …
  • Kai Okudara

    Kai Okudara

    Tokyo transplant from Honolulu, Hawaii. Writer, researcher, photographer, foodie, KSDD. See his random pictures on …
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    Dave Powell

  • Avatar


    Being the poor college student in an expensive city, Michael quickly became a pro in being a cheapo. He was stationed …
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    In Tokyo for 6 years- always on the lookout for a deal on stereos, vinyl, keyboards, guitars, bicycles, skateboards, …
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    Travelin' Bryan

    Welcome to Japan! The most expensive country in the world. 25 years ago that statement would be true. Japan can still …
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    Will is from Ohio via Los Angeles, but Tokyo is quickly becoming his home away from home away from home. When he's …
  • Avatar

    Richard Webb

    Richard Webb is the author of the Japanese language book 80/20 Japanese. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he first …
  • Avatar

    David Ainley

    David's first memory of Japan was scouring the supermarkets for 'free samples' and dining solely off of …
  • Avatar

    Nikita Nagras

    Nikita often finds herself lost in the busy streets of Tokyo, even though she has lived there for nearly 19 years. …
  • Avatar

    Peter Nacken

    Peter is a trailing spouse by day and a travel & food writer / photographer by night. For over 13 years he has …
  • Avatar

    Rebecca S

    She is philosophy graduate and a musician. Need we say more? She moved to Tokyo on a whirlwind whim and spends her free …
  • Avatar

    Saya Hatton

    Saya Hatton was born and raised in Japan, so she is very much used to Tokyo’s hustle and bustle. Although she may …
  • Avatar


    Bernice is a Singaporean that has lived in Japan for more than half her life. Due to this, she bows excessively to …
  • Avatar


    Yasmim was born in Brazil and has lived in Japan for roughly two years. She knows every line from Pulp Fiction and …
  • Avatar

    Chris Mazzu

    Originally from Texas, Chris first experienced Japan life while working for the U.S. Navy. After his 8-year tour was …
  • John Daub

    John Daub

    John is the producer and creator of ONLY in JAPAN and a reporter for NHK World's "Tokyo Eye" In 2003, …
  • Avatar


    A Japanese boomerang who recently returned to Tokyo for work after living around Southeast Asia for more than half of …
  • Avatar

    Joe Daniels

    Joe is from London, UK and came to Tokyo in 2010.
  • Avatar


    C.A.Miles thinks that quality is often worth paying for but when it comes to fun: the cheaper it is, the more you can …
  • Avatar

    Katie Reilly

    After graduating college, Katie moved to Tokyo to work as an assistant language teacher. Though she's still new to …
  • Tiffany


    Tiffany moved to Tokyo from Manila, Philippines in 2013 for grad school. She got her MA in September 2015 and is now …
  • Avatar

    Sara Anna

    Started being a cheapo since I moved to London 3 years ago, which is the only option you have if you want to have a …
  • Avatar

    Jason Andrew Jenkins

    For 13 years, Jason lived near the Sumida River in East Tokyo, where his children were born and raised. Then in …
  • Avatar


    Mei-chan has absolutely no sense of direction (方向音痴 - houkouonchi in Japanese), which leads to her yummiest …
  • Liz


    Avid reader. Avid writer. Avid eater. Liz recently moved to Tokyo after living and studying in Australia. When …
  • Tokyo Night Owl

    Tokyo Night Owl

    Tokyo Night Owl is the premiere nightlife blog for foreigners living in or visiting Tokyo. We cover a range of topics: …
  • Angela Schnabel

    Angela Schnabel

    Originally from Arkansas, Angela relocated to Tokyo in late 2013 thanks to her husband's military career. It only …
  • Ryo Seven

    Ryo Seven

    Ryo is someone who isn’t as morbid as you may think.
  • Avatar

    Edmund John

    Edmund is an expat entrepreneur and investor who splits his time between Thailand, Singapore and the USA. He helps …
  • trippiece


    trippiece is a community of travellers looking for like minded people for the next adventure in Japan. We organize …
  • Japan Trends

    Japan Trends

    Japan Trends covers the latest happenings in Japanese culture, lifestyle, fashion, technology, politics and the arts.
  • Avatar

    Robb Satterwhite

    Editor of animal cafe guide Animal, and Japanese popcult blog
  • Cal Widdall

    Cal Widdall

    Two years of living in China has skewed Cal's perspective of how much things should cost, but after a couple of …
  • Julio Brockbank

    Julio Brockbank

    I’ve been living in Tokyo for over 7 years now. I love the vibrant culture and sparkling beauty of the city, but …
  • George Art Baker

    George Art Baker

    George Art Baker is a musician and writer hailing from Torbay, South Devon. Since he moved to Tokyo he's made it …
  • David Ishikawa

    David Ishikawa

    David has been visiting Tokyo regularly since 2005 and has recently been able put down roots here. As a hobby …
  • Erik Paquet

    Erik Paquet

    Erik Paquet is an entrepreneur, avid traveler, and frequent flyer points expert. He spent most of his undergrad years …
  • Devan Baird

    Devan Baird

    Devan Baird moved to Japan in 2014 and has been exploring it ever since. Having fallen in love with constant action of …
  • Giulio Coral

    Giulio Coral

    Giulio moved to Tokyo in 2015, for his Master degree at Todai and to do some research in JAXA. Coming from Italy, the …
  • Sarah Noorbakhsh

    Sarah Noorbakhsh

    Sarah is a translator, writer and editor who, after six glorious years in The Big Mikan, made the jump to Europe and …
  • Reshma Rapeta

    Reshma Rapeta

    Reshma– who has lived in Japan for almost two decades – believes that anyone canenjoy the eccentric flavors …
  • Zara Sekhavati

    Zara Sekhavati

    Zara left the UK in search of a different living experience abroad. She moved to Tokyo and that is exactly what she …
  • Byron Kidd

    Byron Kidd Byron Kidd is the Editor of the Tokyo By Bike website, a writer, experienced urban cyclist, and …
  • Layla McCay

    Layla McCay

    By day Layla runs the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health. By night she is the charming MC at Perfect Liars Club, …
  • Heike Hoffer

    Heike Hoffer

    Heike hails from Alaska, where cheap survival hacks are a way of life when dodging bears in subzero temperatures. She …
  • TripleLights


  • Jarman International

    Jarman International

  • Avatar

    Japan Rail Tickets

    Japan Rail Tickets is a service for helping international visitors to discover Japan by rail. We publish purchase …
  • Hager


    Hager is tad obsessed with public health. Just ask any of the random strangers she's accosted with her public …
  • Jack Heslehurst

    Jack Heslehurst

    Jack is a British writer and editor with a fondness for history, politics and football. Usually found reading in a park …
  • Samantha Cubbison

    Samantha Cubbison

    Professional broke girl with a love for eating, reading and public transportation.
  • James Hanlon

    James Hanlon

    James lives in the mountains of Yamanashi. He’s writing the English website for Kosuge Village [] …
  • Justin Egli

    Justin Egli

    Justin Egli is a travel, arts & culture writer based in Tokyo. He writes about daily life in Tokyo on his blog …
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  • Sabrina Hassanali

    Sabrina Hassanali

    Sabrina avoids the train and bikes around west Tokyo in a quest to save money. When she finds the right cafe, she …