As humans, we are a nomadic species—we love to roam, explore and connect through travel. No wonder that tourism has grown to be the world’s largest industry. And yet, while we travel to marvel at nature’s beauty and learn about foreign cultures, the act of traveling itself can have detrimental effects on the environment and historical sites.

These days, sustainable tourism is a word on everyone’s lips. It generally encompasses three areas: the environment (nature conservation), the economy (support for local businesses) and society (appreciation for local culture and etiquette in line with Japanese values).

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At Tokyo Cheapo, we believe eco and cheapo share a lot of common ideas—and those are the ones we want to share with you. You might consider staying at high-end eco lodges or joining only eco tours. Even small tweaks to your itinerary can make you a sustainable traveler who leaves the places they visited not only as you found them, but maybe even a little bit better.

Here we present our best tips for sustainable travel in Tokyo and throughout Japan. They are easy to implement, won’t rack up your travel costs, and benefit both Japan’s breathtaking nature and its beautiful culture.

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