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Drinking in Tokyo

Japan is crashing into the world’s drinking market with award-winning whiskeys, all-you-can-drink parties and a national stereotype of the tie-clad salaryman waving the flag for insobriety everywhere. So, where better to try out a few drinks than Tokyo? Fancy a quiet pint of a local craft beer or thinking more of a ridiculous bar crawl in Roppongi? Maybe you’re in search of an affordable beer garden or just want a vending-machine chu-hai for the journey. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Tokyo has it, and plenty more where that came from.

With every conceivable form of drinking covered, the 24-hour city makes it incredibly easy to find your favorite tipple, and lots that you never thought you would try. With themed drinks being the most fun way to make merry, you can try a terrifying cocktail at Yurei Izakaya (an underworld-themed restaurant), or drink with the jellyfish at a monster café. For the true budget-hero, there’s always a 100-yen beer at Tantos, and the curious among us can even go for a free tour of the Suntory Brewery and enjoy the freshest of pints. If you’re looking for a date or a trendy place for your friends, Golden Gai in Shinjuku is a no-brainer, but beware the seating charges.

With something for everyone and some things that should probably be for no one, Tokyo will cater to your every drinking need whilst hopefully leaving you some memories for the day after the night before.