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Transport in Tokyo

Planning what to do in Tokyo is the easy part. Getting yourself from A to B is the real challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be so daunting when you’ve got Tokyo Cheapo providing you with handy transportation tools.

Japan has one of the most convenient and intricate rail service in the world—meaning there are a vast number of different train lines. This could leave you wondering which rail pass you should choose, which IC card to buy, or even what what alternatives there are for getting yourself around. Once you’ve got that figured out, we got you covered with some survival transportation Japanese too.

If public transportation is just not your style, you’ve still got options. How about some sound advice on renting a car or even a bike to trek around? (You’d be surprised how very unique Tokyo neighborhoods are weaving in and out via bicycle!)

When you’re all done with Tokyo fun, have a look at our cheapo guides on getting you back to Narita or Haneda airport.

Whatever your plans are: safe journeys and happy exploring!