Getting from Narita to Shinjuku

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narita to shinjuku
The skyscraper district of Shinjuku. | Photo by Yoshikazu Takada used under CC

Shinjuku is a non-stop shopping and entertainment district in central Tokyo that also happens to be a jumping-off point to many other parts of the prefecture. There are lots of ways to get from Narita to Shinjuku, but these are our top picks.

The 3 best ways for getting from Narita to Shinjuku

Fastest: We’ve always found the Keisei Skyliner to be the quickest option—you get from Narita to Shinjuku in 56 minutes, paying 2,670 yen one way. You need to make one transfer; get off at Nippori and switch to the JR Yamanote Line to complete the journey.

Cheapest: If you want to halve the costs of the trip, you can take the regular Keisei Line on the same route (with the same change at Nippori required). It costs just 1,230 yen, but taking this train at peak times can mean a sudden immersive experience in Tokyo’s rush hour!

Easiest: For those with a few extra yen in the ol’ wallet, taking the Narita Express—N’EX—is a chilled way of getting from Narita to Shinjuku Station. It’s a direct 90-minute ride that costs 3,190 yen one way (a round trip works out cheaper at 4,000 yen). Check the timetable to see which N’EX trains go to Shinjuku—some have other destinations. You can get a limousine bus for roughly the same price as a one-way N’EX ticket, but we find the train to be more comfortable.

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