Cheapest Transport from Haneda Airport to Tokyo

Greg Lane
Haneda to Tokyo
Photo by Masahiro Takagi used under CC

If you’re worried about the cost of getting from Haneda Airport to Tokyo (or Yokohama) then you can relax—it’s not expensive or time-consuming at all. The main thing to be sure of is that you haven’t mixed up your arrival airport with the much more distant Narita Airport.

The long and short is that it’s a short and affordable train, monorail or bus trip to central Tokyo, including Tokyo Station, as well as Shinjuku and Shibuya. If you’re tempted to take one of the taxis outside the terminal, be aware that it will cost you rather a lot of yen. Depending on where you’re going, a cheaper alternative might be to book a shared shuttle transfer, which should run you about ¥5,710 per person.

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Pro tip: If you’re landing late, see our guide to late-night transfers.

tokyo to haneda via monorail
Photo by Manish Prabhune used under CC

Taking the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport

Built for the 1964 Olympics, it’s perhaps not quite as cool and futuristic as it sounds. It’s still a freakin’ monorail though! A fun way of getting from Haneda Airport to Tokyo, the monorail stops at all three terminals and for only ¥500 whisks you to the happening hub of Hamamatsucho (about 15 minutes away). Actually, Hamamatsucho has to be one of the dullest stations on the Yamanote Line—but it is on the central JR Yamanote Line, which means you can squeeze yourself onto a commuter train heading to more exciting places such as … well, any other station (e.g. Shinjuku or Tokyo Station). Suica/Pasmo IC cards can be used on all lines, including the monorail, if you don’t want to buy paper tickets (and the cards give you a small discount).

Note: If you’re flying out of Haneda Airport, make sure that you disembark at the right terminal. The monorail will stop at the International Terminal first, followed by Terminal 1 (JAL, Skymark and most other airlines) and then Terminal 2 (ANA & Air Do Domestic Flights).

Traveling with lots of luggage? You can arrange to have it ported from the airport to your accommodation, making the transfer easier.

The Airport Express will take you right to Asakusa.
The Airport Express will take you right to Asakusa. | Photo by Hideyuki Kamon used under CC

Taking the Keikyu Line

The Keikyu Line trains from Haneda head in two different directions, so you’ll need to double-check that you’re getting on the right one. Most go northeast to Shinagawa (20 minutes away), but some head southwest to Yokohama (25-30 minutes away). Taking the Keikyu Line from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa (which is on the JR Yamanote Line, offering easy access to Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo Station) works out cheaper than the monorail at ¥300 (it’s ¥340 to Yokohama). 

After exiting from customs and getting your bags, you’ll be on the 2F lobby and should have no problem spotting the Keikyu ticket counter/machines and gates. Keep an eye out for discount combo packages.

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Haneda to Asakusa

One big advantage Keikyu has over the monorail is their Airport Express, which continues into the Asakusa Subway Line after arriving in Shinagawa. So if your destination is Asakusa, you can get to the doorstep of your hostel in about 40-50 minutes, for roughly ¥520. The express runs about every 15 minutes during peak times and slightly less frequently at off-peak times.

A friendly airport "limo".
A friendly airport “limo”. | Photo by David McKelvey used under CC

Taking a limousine bus from Haneda Airport to Tokyo

Like the Limousine Bus from Narita, this is not quite as flash as it sounds—it’s really just a coach bus that goes directly to major hotels and train stations in a large number of areas, and has somewhere to put your luggage. If you’re staying at a more minor hotel or a hostel, you’ll need to look up the location of the nearest major hotel. 

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The limo bus is an excellent transport option if you’re traveling with kids and/or a lot of luggage. Fares range from about ¥720 to ¥1,250 per person. For example, the fare to T-CAT (the Tokyo City Air Terminal) under Suitengumae Station is ¥840, it’s ¥950 to Asakusa and Tokyo Station, ¥1,050 to Shibuya, ¥1,150 to Roppongi/Akasaka and ¥1,250 to Shinjuku. Kids are roughly half price.

Pro tip: You can save time and stress by booking your bus tickets online before you fly.

Landing at Haneda late at night

If you’re landing well after pumpkin hour, then the night bus or a taxi are your options. Generally, you can double the fares above for the (few) buses that run between midnight and 5 am. See our late-night transfer guide for more information.

Using JR passes from Haneda Airport

If you are wanting to use your JR Pass from Haneda, you can activate it at the airport and use it to take the Tokyo Monorail. Although it’s not a JR line, the pass is valid on it. But think very carefully before you activate your pass for a such a short trip! Unless you are setting off on countrywide travel that or the next day, it’s probably a better idea to hold off on activating it, and just buy a regular single ride ticket for the short trip from Haneda to your accommodation.

Video guide to getting from Haneda Airport to Tokyo central

While we do our best to ensure everything is correct, information is subject to change. This post is updated regularly. Last update: April, 2019 by Carey Finn.

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41 Responses to “Cheapest Transport from Haneda Airport to Tokyo”

  1. Avatar

    Need to get from Haneda to Akihabara (Remm hotel). Can anyone offer a quick and easy option?

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg February 26, 2015

      The quickest option is always the train. The easiest route is to jump on the Monorail and get off at Hamamatsucho (the terminus) and then take the JR Keihin Tohoku Line direct to Akihabara. Akihabara is only 5 stops from Hamamatsucho so you should get there approximately 9 minutes after departing Hamamatsucho. Total cost: 637yen (with Pasmo/Suica) or slightly more with paper tickets.

  2. Avatar

    How do you get from Haneda at 10.30 pm at night to Yoga Station. Looking for the cheapest and most convenient method. Thanks

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg February 26, 2015

      Hi Megan, Yoga Station is a bit out of the way, so there aren’t really any direct routes that I can find. Your best option looks like taking the Keikyu Line to Shinagawa Station, change to the Yamanote Line running in the clockwise direction, get off at Shibuya Station and then jump on the Denentoshi Line which stops at Yoga Station. Each of those lines are run by a different railway company, so I’d recommend getting a Pasmo/Suica (they’re the same thing) at the airport station so you don’t need to worry about tickets. The total cost is 767yen and with change the journey takes slightly more than an hour. At least you’re coming in late – taking that route with luggage during rush hour would be a real challenge! By the way, if you’re only staying for a short time, you can get the remaining money on your Pasmo refunded – including the 500yen deposit.

      • Avatar

        Thank you for this information CheapoGreg. Another related question is we are pre-purchasing a Japan Rail Pass here in Australia however unsure if we need a 7 or 14 days. We are in Japan for 11 days. Do the rail lines above take a Japan rail pass or do we need to buy a Pasmo card and load it for travel within Tokyo? Don’t particular want to blow an extra Au$360 on a JRP card we won’t be able to use and alternatively don’t want to skimp. Thanks in advance for your advice.

        • Avatar
          CheapoGreg March 2, 2015

          Only the Yamanote Line is JR – the rest are private railway lines – all of which you can use with a Pasmo/Suica. The Yamanote Line portion costs about $AU1.50 so using a JR pass for that is complete overkill since the pass basically costs you $AU50/day. However, it all depends how long you intend to stay in Tokyo. If you spend the first 4 days in and around Tokyo, I’d just load up a Pasmo then activate a 7 day JR pass for the last 7 days of your trip.

  3. Avatar

    Until what time tokyo monorail operated from Haneda? and if i arrived Haneda at 10:30 pm, do i manage to go to Roppongi that night?

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg April 5, 2015

      It operates until after midnight, so unless your flight is delayed, you’ll be fine. It will take you about 40 minutes to get to Roppongi.

  4. Avatar

    Need to get from Haneda to Ginza disctrict(shopping area). Which one convenient ? by Monorail ? Is there Limousine Bus from Haneda ? Thanks

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg April 19, 2015

      If you just need to get to the Ginza area there are frequent buses. Otherwise take the monorail to Hamatsucho, then take the JR Yamanote Line about 2 stops to Yurakucho. The Ginza area is a 5 minute walk from there.

  5. Avatar
    Lou(Dallas TX) April 19, 2015

    Hi, We are a family of 4 adults. We will be arriving to Haneda at 10:30PM. Need help with the best option (cheap+convenient) to get from Haneda to Space Hostel (Iriya station Exit1 -Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line). Thanks

    • Avatar
      Lou(Dallas TX) April 19, 2015

      Just need to clarify one thing. We got confused after taking the Tokyo monorail part: Do we have to step out at a certain station to switch to Akusa Line or just sit tight as it merge to Akusa line and meet Hibya line at Higashi-Ginza station. Since the map is not clear on transition from monorail to subway we are tempted in taking the airport limo.

      • Avatar
        CheapoGreg April 19, 2015

        If navigating the train lines after dark freaks you out, then the bus is the best idea. Perhaps the thing that is confusing you is that there are two completely separate train lines from Haneda to the city. First is the Monorail, second is the Keikyu Railways Line. Some trains (the airport expresses which run once or twice an hour) don’t terminate at Shinagawa, but continue into the Asakusa Line. All monorail trains terminate at Hamamatsucho/Daimon so you need to change to another line. Quickest route looks like Monorail -> JR Keihin Tohoku line to Akihabara -> Tokyo metro Hibiya Line to Iriya. If you do take the train, get everyone a Pasmo card at the airport – you’ll save so much time instead of buying tickets.

        • Avatar
          Lou(Dallas TX) April 19, 2015

          Hi Greg,
          Yes I will order Passmo+JR pass+pocket wifi prior to departure. Thanks for the clarification. I have enlightened!
          Now we will need to choose between simple and fast:
          (A)Go to domestic terminal, take Airport Express-Asakusa Line-> Tokyo metro Hibiya Line to Iriya.
          (B) Monorail>JR Keihin Tohoku line to Akihabara -> Tokyo metro Hibiya Line to Iriya (will follow your suggestion to not activate the JR pass this time!)

  6. Avatar

    Hi, I will be arriving to Haneda at 9 AM and already bought JR Pass. So where can I activate the JR Pass? I need to go to Kyoto after arrived to Haneda. Thank you.

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg April 19, 2015

      You can activate it at the Haneda International Airport Station of the Tokyo Monorail. However, for going to Kyoto, The Keikyu Line is more convenient. The Keikyu Line (which is a private line not covered by the JR Pass) runs directly to Shinagawa Station where you can activate your pass and catch a Shinkansen directly to Kyoto.

      • Avatar

        Hi Greg! Thank you for your prompt reply. I think I will keep on going with monorail since I don’t want to spend additional cost for JR train after I bought JR Pass. But again, very thank you for the suggestion.

  7. Avatar
    Shu Bing June 17, 2015

    Hi, I’ll be arriving Haneda at 4pm, and have bought JR Pass. I’m heading directly towards Osaka after landing. May I know if my situation will be the same as Rayes’s? To take Keikyu Line directly (at what cost??) to Shinagawa Station.

    Furthermore, I’ll be coming from Osaka to Tokyo Station, then shinjuku after a few days. Is it correct that I need to take the Chuo Line (yellow) to Shinjuku? Is it under JR pass?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Avatar

    Hi, i will arrive Haneda at 10.30pm, i be staying nearby Hatsudai station, my host told me to take limousine bus from Haneda to Shibuya and transfer train to Hatsudai station. What time is the last train from Shibuya to Hatsudai? Please advise. Thanks.

  9. Avatar
    Alexander Slavkov Angelov October 2, 2015

    Hello, I need help with the best option (cheapest opcion) to get from Jimbocho station to Haneda airport without JR pass. Thanks

  10. Avatar
    Bob Williams October 7, 2015

    My wife and I land at Haneda at 07:20 next Wenesday and need to go to Suidobashi station will it be practical to use
    Tokyo monorail to Hamatsucho station JR Yamanote line to Akihahara Station and finally JR Sobu line to Suidobashi Station we will both have large wheel cases. with it being near rush hour will this be a problem or would you suggest a taxi or bus

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg October 12, 2015

      Hi Bob, Sorry for the slow reply – I try to get through comments about once per week.
      The Yamanote Line during rush hour with large suitcases will be quite tough – I wouldn’t recommend it. There are buses that run direct to the area, but the first one departs at 10:20, so only an option if your flight is late ->

      An alternative route is using the Keikyu Line which departs from the domestic terminal (you can walk or take a shuttle from the International terminal). There are regular “Airport Expresses” that take you right into the middle of Tokyo. Not all trains that run on this line are Airport Expresses though, so take care not to jump on the wrong one. There is one that leaves at 8:03am. The Airport Express connects to the Toei Asakusa Line (you don’t have to change) so you should get off at Mita Station. From Mita, you can take the Toei Mita Subway line straight to Suidobashi. It should be a lot easier than negotiating the JR Yamanote and Sobu lines. If you load up a Pasmo (stored value multi-mode ticket) with 1,000yen at the airport you’ll have more than enough to get to Suidobashi. As a guess, I’d say the fare will be around 750yen each.

  11. Avatar
    Gerai Lawas Dan Antik October 17, 2015

    hi there, was wonderingwats the cheapest and easiest from haneda to shinjuku (keio plaza)?, we arrived quite late at 11pm.. thnks

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg October 25, 2015

      Cheapest and easiest don’t always go together! 🙂 The last “Limousine Bus” (just a normal shuttle bus) leaves Haneda at 10:55pm so your choices are train or taxi. The easiest route is probably to jump on the monorail to Hamamatsucho and then take either the JR Yamanote Line or the Toei Oedo Subway Line to Shinjuku. If it’s your first time in Tokyo, finding the Keio Plaza from the station might be a bit of a challenge. A taxi from the station would cost you the flag fall amount – usually 770yen. If your flight arrives really late, you can catch a bus to Shinjuku Station from the airport. The fare is 2,000yen for an adult. If you catch a taxi all the way, it will cost you up to 11,000yen so if there are four of you, it might not be too bad taking a taxi.

  12. Avatar
    Arnel Hernandez November 12, 2015

    Good PM, My family will be arriving at Haneda Intl Airport at 23:50PM, and we are going to Sotetsu Fressa Hotel at Ningyochu area. What is the best cheap way to go there and what is the last bus going to Tokyo Station? Pls advise Thanks

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg November 17, 2015

      The last limousine bus to that area leaves at 00:15 and goes to the Tokyo City Airline Terminal in Hakozaki which is probably the most convenient to Ningyocho. Otherwise there are buses to Tokyo Station at 1:05am and 2am. From Tokyo Station you’d be best to jump in a taxi.

  13. Avatar

    Hi Greg, what would be the cheapest way & how much will it cost me to transfer from Haneda Airport (arriving midnight) to Narita Airport ( for a trip to sapporo at 6am)? Pls guide me too on how & where to catch my ride for the airport transfer fr Haneda to narita. Thnx much

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg December 2, 2015

      That is really, really tough. At least for the domestic part you don’t need to check-in super early. There are no buses running at that time, the last train that connects the two airports departs at about 10:30pm and it doesn’t start running again until about 5:30am. Your best bet is to get to Tokyo Station and then take one of the night buses to Narita Airport. See our article on getting to Narita Airport ->

  14. Avatar
    Jack Turnbull December 9, 2015

    Hi Greg, We are two fit pensioners and next June, we will arrive at Haneda Term 1 at 21.50, and my idea was to stay a night at a hotel at/near the airport, and next day spend some time in central Tokyo, before catching an out bound flight from Narita Intl Term 1. to L.A. leaving at 19.15.
    Problem is we will need to cart cases around which is hopeless, so I thought, as an alternative, on arrival at Haneda, it might be better to get into Central Tokyo by bus/train to a hotel around Tokyo station, asking the hotel to hold our luggage the next day, letting us spend the day in the city before getting a bus/train from central Tokyo to Narita.
    Any ideas/advice would be much appreciated.
    Ta, Jack

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg December 15, 2015

      Hi Jack,

      That sounds like a good plan to me. The subway system is quite convenient so you can get to most places quickly from a hotel near Tokyo Station. The area to the north west of Tokyo Station (about 20 minutes walk or so) is full of business and tourist hotels. Super Hotel is one option -> Also APA, Sunroute and Toyoko Inn are good, reliable chains.

  15. Avatar
    Julya Tran December 26, 2015

    Merry Christmas!
    My family of 5 will be arriving into Haneda at 7am on December 27. We have a flight to catch at Narita at 5pm, but would like to visit the Anime Market and downtown Tokyo if possible. Can you give us the best option as how we should proceed to do this? THANK YOU!

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg January 5, 2016

      Julya, Sorry I missed your comment. I was a bit confused by the Anime Market part but I guess you were referring to Akihabara? Anyway, apologies and I hope you had an enjoyable day.

  16. Avatar

    My family of 5 will be arriving into HND on Feb 12 at 7pm. We plan to spend one night somewhere in Tokyo, then leave the next morning for a 2 night stay in Nagano. We’ll return to Tokyo for 5 more nights and plan to use Tokyo as our base for nearby day trips. Is it advisable to get a 7 day JR rail pass for 5 adults? Or should we get a Suica card?

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg January 5, 2016

      Hi there,
      Getting a 7 day JR Rail Pass for your itinerary would be poor value, a JR East pass however might fit the bill quite nicely. You can activate it on any 5 days within a 14 day period – so you could use it for your trip to Nagano and then again for a couple of day trips. I’d recommend Nikko and Kamakura.

  17. Avatar
    Lesley Wood January 12, 2016

    Hi there
    My partner and I will be arriving in Tokyo in a few weeks and want to take the limousine bus from Haneda to Shinjuku Station then back again after a few days. My question is do we need to book a seat for our return journey or can we just turn up at the time we need (5.35 am)? The reservations website is only in Japanese with no English option. Thanks

  18. Avatar
    Jerry Tzeng March 2, 2016

    The tip about the Keikyu line not stopping at the International Terminal is definitely not correct. There is a stop there; I use it quite often with my flights into and out of Haneda’s International Terminal in the past year.

    • Avatar
      Aussie girl August 29, 2016

      Hi Jerry thanks for the update.
      I am hoping you can help me with a few questions. We are heading over to Japan in Feb 2017
      1) Can you take the Keikyu line direct to Tokyo station?
      2) What time do the trains start – we are arrive in Hanaeda at 5 in the mornning
      3) From Tokyo we are heading to Nozawa Onsen and wonder if we need to book a seat on the Bullet Train?

      • mrkirkland

        1) No – you need to change at Shinagawa
        2) First trains are usually a little after 5am. Here’s the first train route from Haneda to Tokyo
        3) You probably don’t need to book in advance, most people commute the other direction in the morning so there’ll likely be plenty of seats available.

        If you have more questions, best ask on the TC community:

  19. Avatar

    Oh, come on people! On my 1st trip to Tokyo in December 2005, I was directed to the Juyoh hotel in Taito-ku. It told me to ride a certain bus from the Keisei-Ueno station! I managed to find it. Unfortunately, it had a 25:00 curfew, which I fouled twice during that week’s stay. So I never booked myself there again.
    There are lots of venues to stay at if you arrive at Haneda late at night (which could happen if you book the wrong flight from the U.S.A.). All of them will work with the Keikyu line from the International Terminal. For you outside Japan, look for hotels in Kamata.

  20. Avatar
    Matthew Masiero October 13, 2016

    Do you need an advanced reservation for the limousine bus from Haneda? I land at 10:30 PM and am trying to make sure I can get on the bus. Their online reservations are only in Japanese, and although I speak japanese really well, I don’t read it well at all.

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg October 13, 2016

      You don’t need a reservation on arrival. A reservation on your return to the airport is recommended though.

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