Haneda | 5-1-13 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo [map] | 03-6863-5539
Photo by Agoda

If you’ve got a late night arrival or an early morning departure from Haneda Airport, then HOTEL MYSTAYS Haneda provides you with a stress free place to stay.

Even though it’s got Haneda in the name, the hotel is not actually in the airport – you’ll still need to jump on the Tokyo Monorail from Tenkubashi Station or the Keikyu Airport line from Anamori-inari Station. By taxi, the airport can be reached in about 10 minutes.

HOTEL MYSTAYS Haneda is newly built and has queen, double and twin rooms available. Some rooms feature kitchenette’s so you can grab ingredients from a nearby convenience store and cook up a storm. For those with special needs, there is also an extra-spacious accessible room.

There isn’t much in the way of attractions in the local neighborhood, but for a small dose of tranquility before your departure or just after you arrive, you can head over to Anamori Inari Shrine, which is located directly behind the hotel.

Neighbourhood: Haneda
Access: 0.6 km from Tenkūbashi Station Tokyo Monorail (MO0)Keikyū Airport Line (KK15)
0.6 km from Seibijō Station Tokyo Monorail (MO0)
0.8 km from Ōtorii Station Keikyū Airport Line (KK13)
Address: 5-1-13 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6863-5539
Check-in Times 15:00
Check-out Time 11:00

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