Aaron Baggett

Aaron Baggett
Aaron is originally from Arkansas. He speaks almost entirely in movie quotes and lives in a cozy 1k with his two bunnies and cat. You can find him on Twitter and Youtube @Aaronsxedge. https://www.youtube.com/user/Aaronsxedge

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  • May 5th

    Five Places to Meet a Robot in Tokyo

    If growing up with anime, video games, kaiju flicks and other interests of the like that are suddenly mainstream now but would have made you a social pariah in high school has taught me anything, it's that Japan has the monopoly on robots. That […]

  • January 8th

    Sugamo – Grandma's Harajuku

    (Via: kirainet) Harajuku is great for any seasoned or upcoming cheapo planning a day out shopping. If the thrift shops and gift stores on Takeshita Street don’t keep you busy, then perhaps the oddities of Harajuku fashion will. You can see the […]

  • December 7th

    Lose Your Way at The Ghibli Museum

    [caption id="attachment_5693" align="alignnone" width="770"] |credit|[/caption] Studio Ghibli is a part of my childhood in the same vein that Disney and Universal used to be before they started rolling out direct-to-video bastardized […]

  • October 30th

    3 Coins (and some change)

    When I’m not downing buckets of beef jerky while wrestling a grizzly bear, I like to get in touch with my sensitive side. I’m talking knick-knacks, birdhouses, bathroom rugs and more. You know, the whole shebang. Unfortunately, cheapos like us […]

  • October 26th

    Lawson Store 100

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but if it weren’t for the 100yen shops around Tokyo, I probably wouldn’t have made it this long in Japan. Education isn’t exactly found in the bargain bin these days and so after tuition fees stripped me to […]

  • October 23rd

    Uta Hiroba Karaoke

    Via: pictureTYO If you live in Japan and have not yet experienced the phenomenon of karaoke, what is wrong with you? Oh, I get it. Watch out guys, we’ve got a badass over here! Captain Bummer of the S.S. Insipid thinks they’re too cool to sing […]

  • October 12th

    Make Some Music for Cheap!

    When I was about 16, I wanted to play guitar in a hardcore band. After explaining this new found dream to my loving and supportive parents, they bought me an Ibanez Iceman. About three months and two chords later it was sitting in the corner […]

  • October 5th

    Koishikawa Korakuen: A Walk in The Park

    If there is one thing I can say I have learned to love while living in Japan, it’s walking. I used to hate walking. If I wanted to hit the Taco Bell just three blocks away from my house and the family car wasn’t available, I’d skip eating. Now […]

  • September 25th

    Not a Bad Price for a Panda

    How much would you pay to see a panda eat bamboo behind a thick layer of plexiglass? 50,000yen? 100,000yen? Try 600yen. Talk about the deal of a lifetime, right? Yes, for just 600yen you can spend the day at Ueno zoo and stare at cute pandas […]

  • September 20th
    things to do in ueno

    Get Cultured at the Tokyo National Museum

    Hey, did you guys know Golden Week has a sister holiday in September called Silver Week? Yeah? Me either. Otherwise I wouldn’t have spent three hours pushing through screaming children and fully-grown women dressed in polka dots just to buy a […]

  • September 18th

    Tokyo Game Show

    Around this time once a year in Japan, something magical happens. The planets and stars align, sea turtles lose their sense of direction and the otaku collective become one as they make the pilgrimage to Makuhari Messe in Chiba to play the […]

  • September 16th

    Origin Bento: Aesthetic Bento

    Do you know what I always seem to have in my pocket? 400yen. I’ll be walking home from class; starving and trying to prep myself for a cup-ramen dinner, when I just casually sense the urge to check a pocket I have no recollection of ever using. […]