G.U.: "Tribute" Converse and Jeans for 990yen

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The GU flagship store in Ginza. | Photo by Aaron Baggett

As a member of the male sex, I have no idea what constitutes as fashionable. If someone tells me I have to dress nice, I usually just take a look at the color wheel and hope for the best. Then they throw me a curve ball and tell me I wasn’t supposed to wear sandals. It was the worst wedding ever. While I may not know how to dress exceptionally snazzy, I am always on the lookout for a cheap pair of pants. Luckily, G.U. is around to satisfy that need. In fact, they are quite famous for their 990yen pants deal.

Photo by Aaron Baggett

G.U is a retail store run by the same company that owns Uniqlo and normally you can find them right next to each other. That kind of makes them sisters; except G.U. is the cheaper sister, more willing to put out and sell knockoff Converse for 990yen a pop. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like guys with big feet because the men’s sizes cap at 28cm. That means people like me who have monster toes don’t get to enjoy the awesome shoe deal, but ladies and small-footed men should check it out.

Aside from their cheap jeans and shoes, you can find t-shirts for 490yen, polo shirts for 990yen; and good deals on shorts, underwear and everything else Uniqlo isn’t selling at a discount. I even found a nice matching set of running shorts and a t-shirt for about 1000yen. However, I’ve have only used them about twice and I think that really sheds a new light on my previous pizza article.


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Name: GU (as in G U not goo!)
Location(s): Akabane, Ginza, Hachioji, Higashi Kurume, Hikarigaoka, Hinode, Kaga, Kasai, Machida, Sakuragaoka, Shinjuku, Tachikawa, Tama,
Web: http://www.gu-japan.com/
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2 Responses to “G.U.: "Tribute" Converse and Jeans for 990yen”

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    9/9/2014 Shopper September 9, 2014

    I went to GU in Ginza today and there were no cheap shoes. The cheapest shoes were around the $100.00 mark with some shoes going as high as $900.00 per pair. While that was disappointing there were cheap men’s shirts and other items on the top floor.

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      9/9/2014 Shopper September 17, 2014

      UPDATE: Found $40 (4000 yen) dress shoes at the GU in Shinjuku and $13 casual shoes!

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