Photo by Aaron Baggett

When I’m not downing buckets of beef jerky while wrestling a grizzly bear, I like to get in touch with my sensitive side. I’m talking knick-knacks, birdhouses, bathroom rugs and more. You know, the whole shebang. Unfortunately, cheapos like us don’t always have the cash to throw around on frilly pillows whenever we feel like it. I mean 100yen shops are great for your basic supplies, but they’re hardly ever presented with some aesthetics. What if I want some fancy saltshakers? What if I want a breadbox that specifically reads “breadbox” on it? Hell, what if I just want some classy cozy slippers? I’d be willing to drop two, NO! Three, three coins on some classy cozy slippers. Ohhhhhhhhh snap.

Photo by Aaron Baggett

Three coins and some change is close enough.

3Coins is basically the trendy cousin of 100yen shops. You can buy pillows for your new sofa, lacy socks, woven baskets and plenty of decorations for your kitchen or bathroom for just 315yen. Unlike 100yen shops though (which I love, don’t get me wrong) they don’t actually look that cheap. And while 3Coins is definitely catered more towards women, guys can easily hit up 3Coins if they’re looking for some inexpensive home décor. Almost everything in shop is 315yen, but a few of the larger items like wall mounts and tables cap off at about 1000yen.

Photo by Aaron Baggett
My girlfriend contemplating pillows. | Photo by Aaron Baggett
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