Shopping, sightseeing, and style combine in the Shibuya Scramble Square complex. Named after the famous crossing only a stone’s throw away, this building is a monolith of high-end designer stores, chic cosmetic boutiques, and everything from quick snacks to fine dining.

While stopping off at Coach or Balenciaga won’t be too kind on your wallet, Shibuya Scramble Square in Tokyo does have something for most budgets.

rooftop view of Shibuya
View toward Tokyo Bay from Shibuya Scramble Square. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Fashion and shopping

Scramble Square offers a dozen floors of shopping and cuisine in the center of Shibuya. With an upscale vibe, many of the lower floors are stocked with designer brands such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Hugo Boss. But as you head up, the high-end brands turn into mid-range fashion names such as Tommorrowland and Journal Standard, making it an excellent shopping stop for mid to high-end fashionistas.

But it’s not all clothes and cosmetics. Scramble Square is also a great spot for souvenir hunting. Dotted around the various floors are souvenir and craft stores that will make for far better gifts than the usual fare. Find traditional Japanese pottery, origami, and other handmade craftware on the higher floors. Or if you’re more a fan of edible gifts, the first floor has dozens of display cases stalls with creative confections to take home. And speaking of food …

Snacks and dining

Shibuya Scramble Square also has an array of food options for the peckish pedestrian. If you want a quick bite on the go, head to the second basement level (B2F). There you’ll find outlets with everything from fried chicken to traditional Japanese bento boxes.

If you have time for a sit-down meal, head up to the restaurants on the 12th and 13th floors. Most offer scenic views across Shibuya (although you might be out of luck if they’re busy). Again, there are all the options you could want — chow down on sushi, shabu-shabu, teppanyaki or just about anything else. While the prices are at a slight premium, you can expect good quality.

Rooftop views from Shibuya Sky

Yoyogi Park, from Shibuya Sky. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Finally, on the rooftop of Scramble Square, you can enjoy panoramic views of Tokyo at Shibuya Sky, one of the tallest observatories in Tokyo. Tickets cost around ¥2,200 per person.

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