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Standing tall at 333 meters, Tokyo Tower is a whole 9 meters taller than its inspiration, Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

Completed in 1958, the popular landmark was the city’s tallest building until Tokyo Skytree opened in 2012. Even though its observation decks aren’t as high as some of Tokyo’s other top observatories, Tokyo Tower still has awesome views — thanks to its central Tokyo location.

Things to do at Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower has two observation decks, the Main Deck, at 150 meters (492 ft.), and the Top Deck, at 250 meters (820 ft.). The main deck can be reached by elevator or by an open-air staircase.

Suggested Activity
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Tokyo Tower Main Deck

If you look closely, you can see the top of Tokyo Skytree from the Main Deck. | Photo by Greg Lane

If you’re on a budget, you can just visit the Main Deck; admission for adults is ¥1,200. In addition to the views, there’s a section with glass flooring, a cafe, and a gift shop.

If you want to take the stairs — all 600 of them! — you’ll have to visit during the day. The staircase is open until 4 p.m. (unless it’s closed for bad weather).

There are special events year-round on the Main Deck, sometimes involving evening illuminations or projection mapping — which creates some unique images of Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower Top Deck

For loftier views, you can head to the Top Deck, which offers views of nemesis Skytree as well as Mount Fuji, on a clear day.

Tokyo Tower Foot Town

At the base of Tokyo Tower is a mall, Foot Town, which has reasonably-priced restaurants and cafes as well as souvenir shops. In the summer, there is a beer high ball (whisky and soda) garden.

When the high ball garden was the beer garden. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Getting tickets

You can rock up to the tower and purchase tickets at the base for ¥1,200 for the main deck or for ¥3,000 for the Top Deck Tour (which also includes the main deck.) You can save money if you book online. The top deck tour is reduced to ¥2,800 for online bookings.

A new esports theme park moved into Foot Town, which is potentially cool but we haven’t been yet ourselves.

Nearby places and attractions

How to get to there

The closest station to Tokyo Tower is Akabanebashi Station, which is a 5-minute walk away. Kamiyacho Station, Onarimon Station, Shibakoen Station, and Daimon Station are within a 10-minute walk.

Walk up the stairs for a look at the inner architecture. | Photo by Getty Images