Senzoku-ike Park is a pleasant park with a large pond (that’s the ike part) surrounded by mature trees providing an explosion of pink during cherry-blossom season and fiery Autumn hues later in the year.

Senzoku-ike Park | Photo by Gregory Lane

The park can be accessed from Senzoku-ike Station on the quaint Tokyu Ikegami Line, roughly midway between Gotanda and the Kamata terminus.

Who can resist a swan boat? | Photo by Gregory Lane

Exiting the station, the pond (and park) are directly in front across a busy road. At the boat house, there are row boat rentals. They also have the required pedalo swan boats that can be seen at any pond or lake in Japan. At the time of our visit, the rental for a row boat was ¥400 for 30 minutes, while the swan boats were ¥800 for the same period of time.

The shrine on Benten-jima, Senzoku-ike | Photo by Gregory Lane

At the northern end of the pond is Benten-jima — a small island with a shrine on it.

The water in Senzoku-ike is surprisingly clear | Photo by Gregory Lane

If you are looking for snacks and drinks, there’s not a lot around the pond, but there is a 7-Eleven close to Senzoku-ike Station.

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