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The Moomin Valley Park opened its doors in March of 2019, to the delight of Moomin lovers all across Japan. Head to Saitama for a walk around Moomin Valley and its iconic sights.

Moomin Valley Park highlights

The main attraction for Moomin fans is undoubtably Moomin House, built as an exact replica of Moomin creator Tove Jansson’s designs. Head inside for a glimpse of the decor and layout based on the lives of the Moomin, as well as their author.

Once you’re done, don’t miss Oshun Oxtra for an immersive sound and lights experience. Little ones, meanwhile, can run off their energy at Hemulen’s Playground before everyone settles in to watch a Moomin show at Emma’s Theatre. It’s a perfect day out for the entire family.

Suggested Activity
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Moomin Valley Park tickets

You can buy tickets online in advance or take your chances on the day. An added bonus is that online tickets are usually cheaper. Standard admission is ¥3,400 for adults and ¥2,000 for children of elementary school age and under.

Ticket packages can be great deals. This ¥4,100 Moomin Valley ticket package includes a 1-day Seibu Railways travel pass as well as admission to the park. The travel pass covers the train ride between Shinjuku and Hanno — a value of ¥1,026 — and the bus that ferries visitors to and fro from Hanno Station to the park.

How to get there

The closest stations to Moomin Vallery Park are Higashi Hanno Station and Hanno Station. From either one you’ll need to take a bus for about 10 minutes. There is onsite parking if you drive, but it will cost ¥1,000 on weekdays or ¥1,500 on weekends.

For more information on what to do, or how to get there, check out our full guide to Moomin Valley.