• Photo by ekkun used under a Creative Commons license.
    Oct 3
    Oct 5

    26th Hokkaido Fair in Yoyogi


    The Hokkaido Fair (also called “The Hokkai Shokudo”) is a 3 day celebration of the food of Japan’s northernmost prefecture. As a celebration of the 26th anniversary, there will be a special ’250yen menu’ that will apparently allow you to [...]

  • CopenhagenNYE
    Sat Oct 11

    Narita Hanabi Taikai


    Tucked away into one of the quieter corners of Chiba, the Inbanuma area is known for its old Buddhist temples and traditions that span back several centuries. During autumn, the town shines its brightest as streamers and balls of fireworks [...]

  • fokura
    Sep 27
    Oct 12

    Fukuro Festival


    The Fukuro Festival began in 1968 as a promotional event for four local shopping districts on the west side of Ikebukuro Station. Since then, it has grown to be one of the largest events in the area, with the festival [...]

  • edogawa-festival
    Sun Oct 12

    Edogawa Citizens Festival


    Meet the official festival character Happy chan and get down with the fine citizens of Tokyo’s closest ward to Chiba. The venue for the festival is the green expanse of Shinozaki Park.

  • Photo by Toshihiro Oimatsu used under Creative Commons.
    Oct 11
    Oct 13

    Oeshiki Festival at Ikegami Honmonji Temple


    Oeshiki is a Buddhist festival commemorating the anniversary of the death of Nichiren – a revered buddhist teacher who lived during the Kamakura period until about 730 years ago. Although celebrated throughout Japan, the festival held at Ikegami Honmonji Temple [...]

  • robot-reception
    Oct 15
    Oct 17

    Japan Robot Week 2014


    Japan Robot Week is a trade show focusing on “service robots”. This event alternates each year with the cooler sounding iREX (the International Robot Exhibition). If you’re wondering what a service robot is, the organizers give examples such as nursing [...]

  • enoshima-fireworks
    Sat Oct 18

    Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks Festival 2014

    Enoshima Fujisawa

    Who says fireworks are only for the summer months? Hopefully a crisp, clear Autumn evening will greet the 3,000 exploding projectiles and the tens of thousands of spectators on the beachfront at Katase Enoshima on the 18th of October. Courtesy [...]

  • "Kakunori" - photo by Masayuki Kawagishi  used under Creative Commons.
    Oct 18
    Oct 19

    Koto Ward Citizens Festival Central Festival


    One of the autumn festivals this year is the Koto Ward Citizens Festival Central Festival (link in Japanese) at Kiba Park from 10am until 4pm on the 19th and 20th.  This festival offers the opportunity to see ‘Kaku Nori’ – a form [...]

  • kawagoe-fes
    Oct 18
    Oct 19

    Kawagoe Festival


    Held for two days on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of October, the Kawagoe Festival is renowned as Koedo-Kawagoe ’s liveliest event of the year. The festival features spectacular festival floats carrying exquisitely crafted dolls which are pulled around the [...]

  • diwali-in-yokohama
    Oct 18
    Oct 19

    Diwali in Yokohama


    200,000 people are expected to celebrate Diwali – the Indian festival of lights – in the festival square area of Yamashita Park in Yokohama.  This makes this festival one of the largest India related festivals in Japan. Along with delicious [...]

  • bettara-ichi
    Oct 19
    Oct 20

    Nihonbashi Ebisu-ko Bettara Market


    Held around Takarada Ebisu Shrine, this fair is a popular seasonal event in the community of the former Odenma-cho area (3 Honcho and Odenma-cho, Nihonbashi) and Horidome-cho. The fair is known for a number of vendors selling the local specialty [...]

  • kawasaki halloween
    Sun Oct 26

    Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2014


    The most famous parade on the theme of Hallow’s Eve in the whole of Japan is the Kawasaki Halloween Parade. The 17th edition of the parade will begin at 2:30pm and run until 4pm on Sunday, October 27th. 3,500 participants [...]

  • pumpkin-parade
    Sun Oct 26

    Omotesando Halloween Pumpkin Parade

    Harajuku Omotesando

    The “Omotesando/Harajuku Hello Halloween Pumpkin Parade” is the “cute” alternative to the Kawasaki Halloween Parade targeted at kids. If you’ve got kids under 12, you can apply for them to be part of the parade. In addition to costumed kids [...]

  • aoyama-matsuri
    Oct 25
    Oct 26

    Aoyama Festival


    The 28th edition of the Aoyama Matsuri takes place on the last weekend in October along a stretch of Aoyama Dori from Aoyama Itchome Station right down to Aoyama Gakuin University between Omotesando and Shibuya stations. Organised by the local [...]

  • Image by Erik, used under Creative Commons.
    Nov 1
    Nov 2

    Dream Yosacoy Festival

    Marunouchi Odaiba Yurakucho

    Yes, that’s how they spell it.  Dream Yosacoy – as you can tell from the name – is a bit different.  While most outdoor dance festivals are held during the hot summer months, this one is on the cusp of [...]

  • koenji-fes
    Nov 1
    Nov 2

    Koenji Festival 2014


    If you are in the vicinity of JR Koenji Station on November 1st and 2nd, you will be able to watch and take part in the Koenji Festival. Unlike the mammoth Awadori Festival in summer, the festival seems to be [...]

  • suwari-mori
    Oct 17
    Nov 3

    Design Touch 2014

    Akasaka Roppongi

    Timed to coincide with pricey events like Tokyo Designers Week and Designtide, Design Touch is completely free and open to all. It’s also on a much smaller scale – although it’s definitely worth a look if you’re in the area. [...]

  • tokyoramenshow
    Oct 24
    Nov 3

    Tokyo Ramen Show 2014


    It’s what it says on the label – lots and lots of ramen. Entry to the event at Komazawa Olympic Park is free, but tickets which you can exchange for a bowl of ramen cost 800yen each.  If you’ve ever [...]

  • 2014_top
    Nov 8
    Nov 9

    Snow Bank Pay it Forward


    In the event square at Yoyogi Park on November 16, Saturday, you’ll find Snow Bank Pay it Forward 2013.  Snow will be trucked in and a slope with a rail down the middle for snowboarders constructed.  The event apparently has [...]

  • hibiya-park
    Nov 8
    Nov 9

    Farmers and Kids Festa 2014


    The strangely named Farmers and Kids Festa is an event held at Hibiya Park with the aim of educating the kids that their food doesn’t really come from the supermarket. Farmers will be sharing their knowledge about agriculture with seminars [...]