• kawasaki halloween
    Sun Oct 26

    Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2014


    The most famous parade on the theme of Hallow’s Eve in the whole of Japan is the Kawasaki Halloween Parade. The 17th edition of the parade will begin at 2:30pm and run until 4pm on Sunday, October 27th. 3,500 participants [...]

  • pumpkin-parade
    Sun Oct 26

    Omotesando Halloween Pumpkin Parade

    Harajuku Omotesando

    The “Omotesando/Harajuku Hello Halloween Pumpkin Parade” is the “cute” alternative to the Kawasaki Halloween Parade targeted at kids. If you’ve got kids under 12, you can apply for them to be part of the parade. In addition to costumed kids [...]

  • aoyama-matsuri
    Oct 25
    Oct 26

    Aoyama Festival


    The 28th edition of the Aoyama Matsuri takes place on the last weekend in October along a stretch of Aoyama Dori from Aoyama Itchome Station right down to Aoyama Gakuin University between Omotesando and Shibuya stations. Organised by the local [...]

  • shinjuku-halloween
    Sun Oct 26

    Shinjuku Magic of Halloween


    Shinjuku Magic of Halloween is a parade which will take place outside the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station – that’s the side without the big skyscrapers. The parade is presented by the video game Psycho Break and entertainer/model/brand Anna [...]

  • ÅwdžÇÈâƒÇÃì˙ÅxÅiSummer BreaksÅj
    Oct 5
    Oct 27

    Cinema Travel – Short Shorts Film Festival at Haneda Airport


    Every weekend and holiday this month, Short Shorts is running a free short film festival program at Haneda Airport. Films are both domestic and international, and are subtitled in both Japanese and English. Running time is from 7 a.m. to [...]

  • flowerPowerThePinkCow
    Fri Oct 31

    Tokyo Closet Ball Halloween Party at The Pink Cow


    See rock music from Raunchy Rock Diva Mana Hardcore, burlesque dancing from Marion Tigre and The Beautiful Nao, and a drag queen competition, hosted by The Fabulous Tatianna and the Girls of the Tokyo Closet Ball. No cover charge, bar [...]

  • Image by Erik, used under Creative Commons.
    Nov 1
    Nov 2

    Dream Yosacoy Festival

    Marunouchi Odaiba Yurakucho

    Yes, that’s how they spell it.  Dream Yosacoy – as you can tell from the name – is a bit different.  While most outdoor dance festivals are held during the hot summer months, this one is on the cusp of [...]

  • koenji-fes
    Nov 1
    Nov 2

    Koenji Festival 2014


    If you are in the vicinity of JR Koenji Station on November 1st and 2nd, you will be able to watch and take part in the Koenji Festival. Unlike the mammoth Awadori Festival in summer, the festival seems to be [...]

  • kanda used book
    Oct 25
    Nov 3

    Kanda Used Book Festival


    The Kanda Used Book Festival is one of the largest annual events in the Jinbocho district of Kanda – renowned as a town of used and antique books. The organisers go further to claim it’s the largest event of its [...]

  • suwari-mori
    Oct 17
    Nov 3

    Design Touch 2014

    Akasaka Roppongi

    Timed to coincide with pricey events like Tokyo Designers Week and Designtide, Design Touch is completely free and open to all. It’s also on a much smaller scale – although it’s definitely worth a look if you’re in the area. [...]

  • tokyo-ramen-show
    Oct 24
    Nov 3

    Tokyo Ramen Show 2014


    It’s what it says on the label – lots and lots of ramen. Entry to the event at Komazawa Olympic Park is free, but tickets which you can exchange for a bowl of ramen cost 850yen each (like many others [...]

  • 2014_top
    Nov 8
    Nov 9

    Snow Bank Pay it Forward


    In the event square at Yoyogi Park on November 16, Saturday, you’ll find Snow Bank Pay it Forward 2013.  Snow will be trucked in and a slope with a rail down the middle for snowboarders constructed.  The event apparently has [...]

  • hibiya-park
    Nov 8
    Nov 9

    Farmers and Kids Festa 2014


    The strangely named Farmers and Kids Festa is an event held at Hibiya Park with the aim of educating the kids that their food doesn’t really come from the supermarket. Farmers will be sharing their knowledge about agriculture with seminars [...]

  • asakusa tori
    Mon Nov 10

    Asakusa Tori-no-ichi Fair Part I


    Tori-no-ichi is an annual traditional festival held at shrines and temples nationwide on set days (rooster days) in November to wish for good luck and prosperity in business. The festival has been held in the Asakusa area since the Edo [...]

  • cheese2014
    Nov 11
    Nov 12

    Cheese Festa 2014


    The 11th of November is World Cheese Day. Conveniently timed to coincide, Cheese Festa 2014 is a two day cheese tasting festival taking place at Ebis303 in Ebisu (it has moved from last year’s venue). The festival will include a [...]

  • Gingko
    Nov 15
    Nov 16

    Hachioji Ginkgo Festival


    The gingko trees of Hachioji were planted along the streets when the city expanded during the Showa period. The highlight of this festival is a tour of sekisho (old checking stations) complete with vintage pass permits. Additionally, a parade of [...]

  • asakusa tori
    Sat Nov 22

    Asakusa Tori-no-ichi Fair Part II


    Tori-no-ichi is an annual traditional festival held at shrines and temples nationwide on set days (rooster days) in November to wish for good luck and prosperity in business. The festival has been held in the Asakusa area since the Edo period [...]

  • flower exhibition
    Nov 1
    Nov 23

    Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition


    The Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition has been held since 1914 and is known as Japan’s foremost chrysanthemum exhibition for both quality and quantity of flowers. This exhibition will feature approximately 2,000 displays in one building, including ogiku chrysanthemum grown [...]

  • gaigosai
    Nov 20
    Nov 24

    91st Gaigosai Festival


    The Tokyo Foreign Studies University (Tokyo Gaigo Daigaku) in Fuchu has their 92nd ‘Gaigosai’ festival from Thursday, November 20 until Monday the 24th. The student organisers promise ‘a tour around the world without the need for a passport’.  Although if [...]

  • dobouruki
    Fri Nov 28

    Doburoku Matsuri


    Koami Jinja is one of the few extant shrines that was constructed using wood from the cypress tree in Chuo-ward and is officially registered as a municipal cultural asset. Today’s main hall and kagura hall were constructed in 1942, and the [...]