• dobouruki
    Fri Nov 28

    Doburoku Matsuri


    Koami Jinja is one of the few extant shrines that was constructed using wood from the cypress tree in Chuo-ward and is officially registered as a municipal cultural asset. Today’s main hall and kagura hall were constructed in 1942, and the [...]

  • get your freak on
    Nov 29
    Nov 30

    Tokyo Vegefood Festa 2014


    If you’re one of the brave souls who has decided to eschew a diet of dead animal or perhaps if you’re even a little veggie-curious, you should head down to the Tokyo Veggie Food Festa in Yoyogi Park.  Held in front of [...]

  • paella
    Nov 29
    Nov 30

    Fiesta de España 2014

    Harajuku Shibuya

    Celebrating 400 years of exchange between Japan and Spain, the  Fiesta de España is a two day event at the Events Square at Yoyogi Park. The fiesta will feature more than 35 food and drink booths as well as lectures [...]

  • Chichibu Yomatsuri
    Wed Dec 3

    Chichibu Yomatsuri


    This yomatsuri (night festival) is one of Japan’s big three hikiyama (float) festivals. Chichibu shrine itself has over 2,000 years of history.  This is a great opportunity to catch an enchanting traditional festival. The large floats, apparently weighing up to [...]

  • akibasan
    Sat Dec 6

    Akibasan Fire Festival (with Video)


    The Akibasan Kongen Yabuse Matsuri –  or the Akibasan Protection from Fire Festival takes place at the Akibasan shrine in the Itabashi district of Odawara City. The festival, which dates from the 16th century, is ostensibly for offering protection from fire. A [...]

  • Photo by scion_cho used under a Creative Commons license.
    Nov 20
    Dec 7

    Autumn Evening Illumination at Rikugien Gardens


    Built by a feudal lord during the Edo period, Rikugien Gardens is one of the most famous gardens from the time still extant. Designed to reflect famous scenes from waka poems, this Tsukiyama-Sensui style stroll garden has also been designated [...]

  • Flag_of_Thailand
    Dec 6
    Dec 7

    Thai National Day Festival

    Shibuya Yoyogi

    In case the main Thai Festival in April and the Asean Festival aren’t enough for your outdoor fix of Thai food and culture,  BMI (yep the record company) have organised a festival to celebrate the Thai National Day – also the [...]

  • 10304468874_9a33347c17_k
    Sun Dec 7

    Museum of Modern Art – Free Admission Day

    The National Museum of Modern Art (MOMAT) is a treasure trove for cheapos because it opens its doors for free on the first Sunday of every month. The museum houses mainly Japanese works of the 20th Century including a number [...]

  • icho-namiki
    Nov 15
    Dec 8

    Jingugaien Itcho Festival


    At the end of Autumn each year, the leaves on the gingko trees that line the Icho Namiki avenue of Jingu Shrine outer gardens, turn a brilliant yellow. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you walking along here at any [...]

  • nerima-Seki-no-boroichi
    Dec 9
    Dec 10

    Sekino Boroichi Market


    Boroichi literally means ‘rag market’ but it’s more like an evening winter flea market.  For this particular boroichi, 80,000 visitors are expected to peruse 300 stalls selling everything from hot food to antiques. The origins of the market go back [...]

  • earth-day-market
    Sun Dec 14

    Earth Day Market

    Harajuku Shibuya

    If you’d like to support people doing things sustainably, you should head down to Yoyogi Park on December 14th, Sunday, for another Earth Day Market (they’re on quite regularly). 52 stalls will line the ‘Keyaki Namiki’ stretch between Shibuya and [...]

  • happytradechristmas
    Sun Dec 14

    Happy Trade Christmas


    If you’re not brave enough to cast aside the consumerism and have a buy-nothing Christmas but you’d like to avoid some of the guilt, then you can shop at Earth Day Market’s special Christmas edition. Earth Day Market holds a [...]

  • gishisai
    Sun Dec 14

    The 47 Ronin Winter Festival


    The winter edition of the Akougishisai – a festival commemorating the 47 ronin – happens at Sengakuji temple – the very same place to which the 47 loyal samurai took their enemy’s severed head and which holds their graves. Don’t expect [...]

  • 3190980001_009a622746_b
    Jul 10
    Dec 14

    3D Architectural Ghibli Exhibition


    Until December 14th of this year, The Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum will be showing the Jiburino Rittai Kenzou Butsuten, a 3D architectural exhibition of buildings in various Japanese Ghibli stories. The buildings replicated will be those from the [...]

  • 2538348662_0b937a3a82_b
    Dec 13
    Dec 14

    Hanakawado Hakidaore-ichi Shoe Market


    Every year the Hanakawado wholesale district in Taito-ku, assemble up to 40 retailers and wholesalers stalls to line-up around Hanakawado Park to sell a wide-range of products. From footwear to handbags, accessories, leather goods, scarves, hats, and more, all the [...]

  • 2817078033_8dd3d74325_o
    Sun Dec 14

    Chihiro Art Museum – Free Admission Day

    The Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo was set up to commemorate the life and artwork of renowned, prize-winning, illustrator Chihiro Iwasaki, 1918-1974. She experienced war first-hand, in Manchuria and Tokyo, and longed for peace, especially for children. The museum hopes to [...]

  • Photo by Nemo's great uncle used under Creative Commons.
    Dec 15
    Dec 16

    Boroichi Market II


    The 435 year old Boroichi (rag market) takes place in Setagaya on December 15 and 16. Boroichi is an enormous flea market at which more than 700 vendors sell a variety of used goods, antiques, handicrafts and food to approximately [...]

    Dec 17
    Dec 19

    Senso-ji Temple Hagoita-Ichi Fair

    Asakusa’s Senso-ji – Tokyo’s oldest temple – holds a Hagoita-Ichi Festival every year’s end to sell good luck charm hagoita which are ornamental bats based on those used in a traditional New Year’s game of hanetsuki (a bit like badminton, [...]

  • Yoyogi Park, Harajuku.
    Dec 20
    Dec 21

    World Christmas Festival 2014

    Harajuku Shibuya

    Sample some festively themed world music and food on the last weekend before Christmas at Yoyogi park. The event runs from 10am to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday, and is set in the ‘Keyaki Namiki’ zelkova tree avenue between Shibuya and [...]

  • 11998218534_0b33e28f5b_k
    Sun Dec 21

    Nishiarai Daishi Temple – End of Year Festival


    Adachi Ward’s Nishiarai Daishi temple will hold its Osame No Daishi end of year ‘closing’ festival to sell lucky items and food. The temple is one of three great temples of the Buzan branch of Shingon Buddism in the Tokyo [...]