• heso_titleB
    Sat Jul 26

    The 18th Nakaita Heso Matsuri


    Heso is Japanese for belly button.  This festival in Nakaita  features Eisa Dancing, Belly Dancing and ‘Heso Odori’ – belly button dancing. As far as we can tell, Heso Odori is basically painting a face on your belly and putting [...]

  • matsuri 3
    Jul 25
    Jul 26

    Kagurazaka Matsuri


    For more of a local Edo matsuri fix with yatai (outdoor festival food), lanterns, crowds and dancing, the 43rd Kagurazaka Matsuri in this lovely Tokyo neighbourhood on Friday from about 7pm until late on the 25th and 26th. The festival will take place on Kagurazaka Dori [...]

  • shinjuku
    Sat Jul 26

    42nd Shinjuku Eisa Festival


    This Saturday, the 26th of July sees the 42nd Shinjuku Eisa Festival. Eisa is a traditional dance originating in the Okinawan islands.  The traditional costumes, dancing and drumming are quite different to what you’re likely to see in other festivals in [...]

  • Sumidagawa fireworks
    Sat Jul 26

    Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival


    This is the big daddy of summer fireworks festivals in Tokyo. The fireworks kick off at 7:05pm and run for a full 90 minutes. This festival attracts massive crowds. Check out our guide to surviving the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival. The official [...]

  • 7667699054_754a683a5a_b
    Sat Jul 26

    Showa Kinen Park Fireworks Festival


    The Tachikawa Showa Kinen Park Fireworks Festival will see 5,000 fireworks launched, making it a medium-sized festival by Tokyo standards. About 300 000 people attend. Expect lots of yukata and picnic baskets – it’s a nice idea to bring dinner [...]

  • hachioji fireworks
    Sat Jul 26

    Hachioji Fireworks Festival


    Approximately 3,500 fireworks will be launched at Hachioji Shimin Kyujo Ballpark, Fujimori Park. While the show is quite a small one, you can expect a good variety of explosions. It’s a 15-minute walk from Nishi-Hachioji Station on the JR Chuo Line [...]

  • hawaii-festival
    Jul 26
    Jul 27

    Shibuya Hawaiian Festival


    The second coming of Hawaiian Festival arrives at the event square at Yoyogi Park on the 26th of July.  it will be running at the same time as the Thai Fair and there will also be a flea market.  Entertainment [...]

  • edogawa-hanabi
    Sat Aug 2

    Edogawa Fireworks Festival


    This year the Edogawa Fireworks Festival turns 39 – making it one of the more senior fireworks festivals in Tokyo. The venue, on the banks of the Edo River, is a 25-minute walk from JR Koiwa Station and a 15-minute [...]

  • 208641847_3592023b0a_b
    Sat Aug 2

    Itabashi Fireworks Festival


    The annual Itabashi Fireworks Festival is always a good show. Roughly 11,000 fireworks are expected to go off this year – and there should be some colourful character and flower shapes in the mix. The event goes on for an [...]

  • ome-city fireworks
    Sat Aug 2

    Ome City Nohryo Fireworks Festival


    The Ome City Nohryo Fireworks Festival 2014 features 3,200 fireworks to be hurled into the night sky over Nagayama Park in Ome City in the evening of August 2nd.  The festivities will begin at  7:30pm and conclude at 8:40pm. The [...]

  • kyuyasudateien
    Aug 2
    Aug 3

    Chill Out Evening at Kyu Yasuda Teien


    Officially ‘Noryo no Yube’ (translates to something like refreshing evening), this event at the Kyuu Yasuda Teien garden features a light up of the gardens as well as tea ceremony performances and traditional koto playing. There will also be ‘yatai’ [...]

  • 3815143096_02d2223a88_o
    Tue Aug 5

    Koto Fireworks Festival


    The 32nd Annual Koto-ku Fireworks Festival will see 4,000 fireworks going off – making it about a third of the size of Tokyo’s biggest fireworks festivals. It’s still a good, colourful show though, in a nice spot – Sunamachi Mizube [...]

  • Planet_Invasion_by_lueger
    Aug 1
    Aug 7

    Omotesando Space Summer Festival (Part 2: Stars and Planets)


    The second part of the Omotesando Space Summer Festival, also held at Space Cafe (famous for its “space burgers”), will run from August 1 to August 7. The festival will especially focus on stars and planets. Come and participate if [...]

  • 6060771184_bc2a709e78_b
    Sat Aug 9

    Okutama Nohryo Fireworks Festival


    The 37th Annual Okutama Fireworks will take place right in front of Okutama Station. It’s a tiny fireworks show by Tokyo standards – you can expect just 1,000 fireworks.

  • uenonatsumatsuri
    Jul 12
    Aug 10

    Ueno Summer Festival


    The Ueno Natsu Matsuri consists of various events and festivities over an approximately 5 week long period beginning on July 12 mostly taking place around Shinobazuno-ike Pond in the centre of Ueno Park.  There will be different events each day [...]

  • Photo by
    Sun Aug 10

    Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival

    Harumi Kachidoki Toyosu Tsukishima

    12,000 fireworks will go up in smoke and flames over 80 minutes in one of the capital’s most scenic fireworks spectaculars. The official watching venues, which hold roughly 115,000 people charge plenty for the privilege, but since the festival is [...]

  • fussa-tanabata
    Aug 7
    Aug 10

    Fussa Tanabata Festival


    Tanabata is celebrated in most places during July – but other places (like Fussa) celebrate it at a time closer to the timing on the traditional calendar. This particular event was started in 1951 for the development of the local [...]

  • jingugaien-hanabi
    Sat Aug 16

    Jingugaien Fireworks Festival


    The Jingugaien Fireworks Festival is the most urban and hence accessible of the Tokyo fireworks festivals. Approximately 10,000 fireworks will be hurled into the air over a paying audience within Jingu Stadium – or you can set yourself up anywhere [...]

  • comiket
    Aug 15
    Aug 17

    Comiket Summer 2014


    Comiket, one of Japan’s biggest comic related events will be happening this summer at Tokyo Big Sight on August 15, Friday. Admission is free but organisers recommend that you buy the event catalogue. The focus of the event is ‘dojinsha’ [...]

  • fukagawa-festival
    Aug 13
    Aug 17

    Fukagawa Festival

    Kiba Monzennakacho

    The Fukagawa Festival is officially one of the big three Shinto festivals of Tokyo along with the Sanno Matsuri and the Kanda Matsuri. If you were hoping to see the huge water fight for which this festival is famous, you’re [...]