Books on Tokyo

If you’re too cheap to book a flight to Tokyo, then the next best thing is reading about it instead!
Here’s a selection of books we’re curated for your low cost entertainment needs:

Tokyo Vice – Jake Adelstein

Jake Adelstein is a living legend, having survived both a journalist career of covering organised crime and being the first American citizen to work as a Japanese language reporter for a Japanese newspaper.


Mandatory reading for anyone planning on spending time in Japan.

What’s What in Japanese Restaurants

Written by founder of the very popular, here’s a friendly guide to eating your way through one of the tastiest places in the world.

Tokyo with Children

Tokyo is a great place to visit or live with Children, super safe and fun – this book gives you the keys to the city!

Tokyo Story

A classic that has stood the test of time, first published in the 1950’s.

You probably have your own preference over lonely planet or the rough guide? We won’t try and persuade you either way and just quietly mention that we are also publishing our own Tokyo guide – “A Cheapo’s Guide To Tokyo”

A Cheapo’s Guide To Tokyo

Written especially for you, the cheapo, our guide to Tokyo has everything you need from half price bento boxes to coffin hotels. The ultimate guide for a visitor on a budget.

Lonely Planet

304 pages, 9th edition edition published 17th August 2012.

Rough Guide

288 pages, 5tn edition published 1st March 2011. Nicer front cover, but apparently it’s just a cut down version of the Rough Guide to Japan, so don’t buy both!