David Ainley


David's first memory of Japan was scouring the supermarkets for 'free samples' and dining solely off of udon and croquet during his first month here. Well over a decade later, David may not be so much of a cheapo anymore, however he has continuously been thrifty in all his endeavours and takes pride in his 'doku-gaku' approach to life in Japan.

Self-taught in many areas, David now assists others in many fields, such as sourcing and purchasing used-cars from the auctions, technical interpretation and translation, and responsive web design. With a desire to fulfill his entrepreneurial ambitions, and finally kick the 9-5 job, you may see David once again in the aisles of the supermarkets, looking for those free samples!


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  • July 22nd
    car user shaken japan

    The Cheapo’s Guide to User Shaken

    Written into law on the 1st of June, 1951, the vehicle inspection system, more commonly referred to locally as ‘shaken’, was introduced not only in order to uphold public safety in the upkeep of vehicles on the road, but required owners to […]