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11 Responses to “Welcome most esteemed cheapo!”

  1. I have a group of 8 teenagers . 4 boys and 4 girls. Where can i find used yukata for them? How much does the used ones cost? We be going to tokyo and kyoto

    • CheapoGreg February 26, 2015

      See Hanten’s reply above. Since he/she didn’t reply to you directly, you probably didn’t get a notification.

  2. Hi, this Friday 15/2/26 I will go to Fuji-Q Highland, but I am a bit confused about buying the Toku-Q Pack (free pass + bus) tickets online. In the web https://www.fujiq.jp/en/qpack/, it’s mentioned that a packaged deal with a Fuji-Q Highland pass and roundtrip Express Bus bus ticket from Shinjuku all in one costs 6,700 yen/adult. However when I try to make internet reservations, the final cost for roundtrip bus alone is 3500 yen/adult. There are no information about free pass. Can someone help explaining to me about this problem?

    • CheapoGreg February 26, 2015

      Hey Siska, This might be a bit late for you, but I tried to sign up using the link but I wasn’t able to check without completing the booking. I think they just have the wrong link. I looked around the Highway Bus site but that pass page seems to be hidden. This isn’t unusual in Tokyo – a lot of companies do a poor job of serving foreign tourists and residents.

  3. Angelique March 23, 2015

    Hi I am going to Tokyo, in May. Does anyone know where would be the most affordable to get tickets to the sumo wrestling? I wish to take my children as they are both mad sport finatics. I’m also not sure if we have to book etcIf anyone has any suggestions I’d really appreciate it. Thankyou

  4. Clotilde June 6, 2015

    Love the crisp not striving too hard writing on this site! The Brits do this the best- for sure! Today will be setting out on your Daikanyama walking tour. Thanks so much!

    Next week I will go from Tokyo, for my first time to Osaka. Anything to recommend on
    the way, or just take the shinkansen and get it over with?

  5. David M Plante June 28, 2015

    I am going to Tokyo flying out July 7th from LA will be in Tokyo until the 12th then in Kyoto until the 14th for a quick look around. #1 I want to get a round trip ticket for the Shinkansen Nozomi from Tokyo to Kyoto leaving early morning outbound to Kyoto and leave Kyoto on the 14th mid morning to catch a 4:45 Flight out of Narita. What is the cost of a round trip ticket??? Now I do not want to miss my flight. so how many hours should I allow for travel from Kyoto to Tokyo transfer to train to Narita and get through customs check in and security etc.?

  6. candy javier sakai September 7, 2015

    Do you have any idea when will be the Nihonbashi Kimono Week events is going to happen this year? I know that they are having this yearly.I already checked the site , I got an Error 404.I was there already 3 years ago but want to come back again this year.If you know it pre hand,it will be a good help for me.Will wait for emails to come.Thanx in advance & Regards too.

  7. Mia Aaron October 5, 2015

    Hi cheapogreg.im zailee.its my 1st trip to japan with 3kids(5,3,1 years old).we arr at narita airport.i booked hotel apa resort at makuhari chiba for 4 days.we planned to go disneyland n then sightseing in tokyo or historical places.
    1). is that hotel d best?or shall we stay in tokyo disney area like mystay hotel?which is easier for us as we have kids traveling n do not want hassle.budgets are limited too so we dont want t spend so much in transportation costs.
    2) is there any free shutle fr hotel to narita airport or we need to buy d train pas?
    Tq so much for ur help
    Oh ya.i forgot mention we will b there fr feb2 to 6th 2016.tq

  8. Luc Hai Yen August 23, 2016

    I want to sign up for cheap koto class. Please recomend me

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