Sat, Oct

Career Strategy Seminar by FEW Japan

10:00am – 5:45pm
¥5,000 (advance sales)

FEW Japan (For Empowering Women in Japan) is excited to be re-igniting the FEW CSS torch in 2020, embracing the extended Olympic year for Tokyo and aiming to help women seek and reach a place on the workplace podium. FEW welcomes women from all walks of life to join them for skill building and networking.

Whether you are considering diving into a new career, racing through the first years of your start-up, or simply taking time on the bench to contemplate your options, the FEW CSS hopes to help you discover that “BOLD IS GOLD”.

During the day participants will have the opportunity to attend online workshops across three areas:

  • Career – in these sessions we will consider how it feels to dive into a new career or overcome workplace hurdles.
  • Business – these sessions will help all those taking a leap into the start-up world in Japan.
  • Self – to power our working selves we must take care of our inner and physical selves.

The seminar is ¥5,000 for non-members (female only) and free for FEW members.

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