Jul 15
Jul 18

Disconnected – Online Theatre Performance

¥1,000 (advance sales)

Theatre Mangekyo’s first public performance is an online work-in-progress theatre piece called Disconnected. The story revolves around the daily lives of modern-day gods within an online-like sphere of existence.

The work is inspired by and developed from Japanese mythology and the lived experiences of the ensemble members around the world. However, it is not a retelling of Japanese mythology, but a window into the real lives of people in Japan.

The goal of the workshop performance is to showcase the progress we have made so far and to receive feedback that will help develop a full script. The themes closely relate to the experiences of several yet under-represented groups in Japan, and this workshop is our first step to bringing their stories to the stage.

  • Show 1: July 15th (Thu) at 19:30 JST / 06:30 EDT / 03:30 PDT
  • Show 2: July 16th (Fri) at 19:30 JST / 06:30 EDT / 03:30 PDT
  • Show 3: July 17th (Sat) at 11:30 JST / July 16th (Fri) at 22:30 EDT / July 16th (Fri) at 19:30 PDT
  • Show 4: July 18th (Sun) at 9:00 JST / July 17th (Sat) at 20:00 EDT / July 17th at (Sat) 17:00 PDT
  • Show 5: July 18th (Sun) at 19:30 JST / 06:30 EDT / 03:30 PDT

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