Hachioji Summer Market

hachioji summer market
Photo by Rosana Prada used under CC

Just a few minutes’ walk from Hachioji Station’s north exit is a summer market that’s got it all. You can peruse the stalls selling famed local goodies—from morning glory flowers, to Edo-style wind chimes, to tasty street food. And since it’s that time of year (hot), you’ll see lots of folks dressed in yukata (colorful light kimono). You can also take a ride in a rickshaw during the festival—another throwback to the Edo Period.

Venue: Hachioji Station
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 29 ℃Low: 21 ℃
Powered by Dark Sky
Closest station(s): Hachioji Station (North Exit)
Web: https://www.city.hachioji....
Area: Hachioji
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