Ishida Lion Dance

7th Apr, 2020 7:00am

Kawagoe is known as little Edo (Edo being Tokyo’s old name) because it was a castle town closely associated with the Tokugawa shoguns in the Edo period and it still has some of its old buildings. Kawagoe is as little as a 30-minute train ride from Ikebukuro (on the Tobu Tojo line) and worth a trip at any time but this weekend you can combine it with watching a traditional lion dance accompanied by musicians on floats. The dance is part of what Kawagoe’s tourist association calls its Spring Festival a sequence of cultural activities that happen from April to May.

The first performance of the day begins around 7am, with 2 more performances throughout the day.

There is plenty to see in Kawagoe and you can read more about that in English here.

Dates: 7th Apr, 2020
Start/End Time: 7:00am
Venue: Fujimiya Shrine
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 20 ℃Low: 9 ℃
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Access: 3.3 km from Hon-Kawagoe Station Seibu Shinjuku Line (SS29)
3.5 km from Kawagoeshi Station Tōbu Tōjō Line (TJ22)
Link in Japanese
Area: Kawagoe
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