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Feb 9

Japanese Whisky 3-Day Tour in Chichibu

¥200,000 (advance sales)

Visit the distillery that distributes Ichiro’s Malt and see the natural wonders of Chichibu.

This tour also includes a free bottle of Ichiro’s Malt*.

What to expect

Taste exquisite Japanese whisky at a distillery normally closed to the public. You can also expect a warm journey down a river, a visit to see icicles, incredible dinner courses with alcohol accompaniments, bar hopping, and a tour of a sake brewery.

When bar hopping, each guest will receive ¥5,000 to spend at each designated bar in the area.


February 7, 2024 (Wed.)

On the first day, everyone meets at Ikebukuro Station before hopping on a train to Chichibu. You’ll visit important cultural sights, such as Chichibu Shrine and Chichibu Festival Hall, but the main event is the exclusive tour of Venture Whiskey Chichibu Distillery, which is normally closed to the public. This tour includes tastings, seminars, and a complimentary glass and coaster to take home.

Check-in at a Japanese heritage hotel with unique architecture and get ready for bar hopping followed by a full dinner course at MARUJU Restaurant.

February 8, 2024 (Thu.)

The second day starts with breakfast at the hotel before heading to a whisky barrel wood coaster-making experience and a barbeque lunch at KEiNA CHICHIBU. You’ll also get to see the day view of the famous Ashigakubo Icicles.

Dinner will be held at Chef’s table&Cafe HIMIDORI with special sake pairings.

February 9, 2024 (Fri.)

The last day is jam-packed with activities. After checking out, you’ll board a boat fitted with a kotatsu, a heated table with a blanket, and make your way to Nagatoro Gorge and the Iwadatami Rocks via the river. After a traditional kaiseki lunch, you’ll have some free time to shop before heading to Nagatorogura Sake Brewery, where you’ll have a tour.

Finally, dry your tears, and board the train back to Ikebukuro Station.


The tour is limited to 10 people. You must be a foreign national (tourist or resident) or join the tour with a foreign national to attend. For further information and to reserve please click here.

*The free bottle of Ichiro’s Malt is not to be resold.

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