Koganei Cherry Blossom Festival


For a hanami (flower-viewing) experience that is a little less crowded, try Koganei Park.

What happens?

Koganei is known for highlighting musical artists during their festivals and the sakura season is no different with a wide range of singers performing on a special stage within the park. There are numerous areas where you can set up a picnic and because it isn’t in the center of Tokyo, there’s a lot of space.

While the festival is only two days (March 23 to 24), you can view the cherry blossoms at any time during the season. There will also be a special light-up event from March 22 to April 14.

How to get there

Koganei Park can be reached from Higashi-Koganei Station (JR Chūō Line) by bus (7 minutes) or by walking (18 minutes). You can also use Hana-Koganei Station (Seibu-Shinjuku Line) and walk around 10 minutes to the north of the park.

When do cherry blossoms start in Tokyo?

Check out our Tokyo Cherry Blossom Forecast. For all the blossom spots, see our Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo Mega Guide, for late-night views, check out our guide to Yozakura events and for elsewhere in Japan check our forecast!

Organizers may cancel events, alter schedules, or change admission requirements without notice. Always check official sites before heading to an event.

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