Fri, Dec

New Year Countdown to 2021 at Womb

9:00pm – 6:00am
¥2,800 (advance sales)

Ring in the New Year in Shibuya with one of the biggest clubs in Tokyo. There won’t be any acts flying in this year (for obvious reasons) but there will be a solid line-up of local DJs on the main floor including Licaxxx, Machìna DJ Okadada, Mars89, and SEKITOVA with VJ Manami and Lighting AIBA. The VIP Lounge will feature Ren Yokoi, DHADHA”, Yo Nishijima, Blackship, and Katima Ai, while the the Womb Lounge will host Yamarchy, Nari, Remmy, and Kamome.

Tickets are a flat ¥2,500 if you buy them in advance (limited to the first 100), ¥4,000 if you turn up on the day, and ¥3,000 if you arrive after midnight.

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