Shinagawa Shukuba Matsuri

Shinagawa Shukuba Matsuri | Photo by Coal Miki used under CC

The Shinagawa Shukuba Matsuri is a festival celebrating Shinagawa’s history as the first rest stop on the Tokaido heading south. The Tokaido was Japan’s main east-west route linking Edo (Tokyo) with Kyoto during the Edo period. Basically this is a fun excuse for the locals to put on fancy dress and pretend to be samurai, geisha, courtesans and other historical characters.

The festival will be happening on a Saturday and Sunday along a stretch of the ‘Old Tokaido’ (now a suburban street) between Shimbamba and Aomono Yokocho stations on the Keikyu Main Line.

Venue: Aomono-Yokocho
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 25 ℃Low: 19 ℃
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Access: 102 m from Aomonoyokochō Station Keikyū Main Line (KK4)
478 m from Samezu Station Keikyū Main Line (KK5)
0.6 km from Shinagawa-seaside Station JR Rinkai Line (R6)
Web: https://shinagawa-shukuba-...
Link in Japanese
Area: Aomono-Yokocho
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